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Keep track of your Adsense revenues worldwide

Google AdSense is a free program that empowers online publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content worldwide. But how do you make sense of how it all breaks down in each territory around the world? Well, you dont have to worry too much about that anymore as AdSenseZen is a financial analytics application for iPhone that makes it easy to keep track of your earnings wherever they are generated around the globe.   AdSenseZen brings Google AdSense Reports to life with the fastest and most beautiful iPhone app that makes it easy to keep track of ...  More

AdSenseZen Mar 21st 2012

Stick this in your app toolkit

If you are an app developer it's almost essential that you have an analytics application like ShinobiControls in your toolkit at all times. It's the perfect solution for displaying data in the simplest and most digestible form of graphics and charts. Whether you deal in simple or complex data, this purpose-built and iOS inspired app delivers great looking charts to display your analytics cleanly and clearly.   ShinobiCharts is the fastest and most powerful component in the market and offers the perfect solution for developers and other iOS users wanting to display data in the easily ...  More

shinobicontrols Mar 4th 2012

Next generation recruitment platform

If you are looking for a job analytics application to make sure you have access to the best talent available out there it would be hard to go past Simplicant. This excellent array of employment tools is a next generation cloud based app that gives you a fast and cost effective way of finding the right people available via a social recruitment program that includes full applicant tracking and interview management as well as detailed analytics to back it up.   Simplicant is a next-generation software as a service recruiting platform that helps companies attract, manage and recruit the ...  More

Simplicant Mar 1st 2012

Earn money while predicting the future

I'm not sure who this addictive little analytical and social marketplace game is aimed at but it has sure got to me. could be used to assist the betting man in working out whether to have a flutter on a certain event or it could be a great way to see what people think of a specific scenario and see if they can predict what is going to happen. Either way, I was sucked in pretty easily. CPP let's you learn the opinions of your community, ask your own questions or just seeing what people are predicting will happen in the world.   We all watch and read the news and its easy to ...  More The crowdsourcing prediction platform Feb 22nd 2012

The sophisticated social media management tool

Webfluenz is an onomatopoeically named social media monitoring application that works in similar areas to recently reviewed apps Campalyst and Sprout Social. Why on earth would you want to monitor your social media, you may ask, when it unfolds right in front of your eyes. Well, Webfluenz uses all it's tools to track your product exposure on the likes of Facebook and Twitter as well as providing numerous analytical tools to discover the influence of your social media advertising.   Webfluenz is a sophisticated and intelligent social media monitoring and measurement tool which provides ...  More

Webfluenz Feb 10th 2012

Clever social media monitoring for better ROI

Campalyst is a very clever social media monitoring application that analyzes trends and conversations from your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It's clever because it's monitoring analytics allow you to measure and increase your ROI in real terms rather than just counting the number of 'likes' you might get. Your 'likes' might well bolster your ego but, unless they result an increase in business or a better awareness of your product or event, they aren't going to do a lot for your bank balance.   Campalyst is a social media management suite of tools that help you turn interest into ...  More

Campalyst Feb 7th 2012

All your business analysis in one location

It is said that many businesses spend up to 80% of their time collecting and analyzing data and creating reports. While this is an admirable trait as it's essential to know what your customers want and how well your business is running, 80% is a ridiculous amount of time to spend on it when that time could be used making business decisions rather than overanalyzing them. Cyfe is a web-based business and analytical set of tools that helps you bring all your business metrics into one single location.   What impact can an 80% loss in performance have on your business? Cyfe has developed ...  More

Cyfe Jan 19th 2012

Advanced analytics for your website is the missing piece in the tweeting triangle. The first part is to identify the product you wish to tweet about. Then there's the actually tweet and how best to promote your product with a review. The third part is where comes in. It's a tool that gives you a line of code to insert in your website which will analyze the parts of your website that work and the parts that don't.   If you are wondering if that product review you tweeted about or that newspaper article you shared actually generated any sales then will give you all the analytical ability to find out! ...  More Jan 6th 2012

Social sharing with revenue opportunities

I always wondered how publishers reclaimed monetary compensation when content on their site is copied. Up until now the answer to that has been "with great difficulty and an awful lot of trust." However, with the introduction of this social sharing and analytical site, there is now an opportunity for publishers to track when their content is copied and also provides a tool that includes a link back to your site when it is pasted. is a win for both the publisher and their audience.  Unlike alternatives like ShareThis and AddThis, is the only social sharing platform ...  More Dec 23rd 2011


We're tired of digging through Google Analytics every week to understand what's moving the ...  More

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