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Intensifly Prudentia

We help small businesses to enjoy competition and save time and effort for new ideas and ...  More

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Benchmark App

Benchmark App is a minimum-effective-dose business intelligence app made specifically for ...  More

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2Meters is a digital queue and appointment management tool, which has been designed to help ...  More

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We’ve built Stormly because after working with other analytics products like Mixpanel, GA, or ...  More

artificial intelligence analytics insights product helps businesses sell easier and faster. It is an analytics & intent data ...  More

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At GreenWise, we have a vision: A world where every company would take ownership over their ...  More

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Laylo helps artists identify, connect with, and monetize their fans. Laylo is the most powerful ...  More

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Probe gives your a single place to store your subscriptions data, calculates your SaaS metrics ...  More

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Toasted Analytics

Toasted Analytics is a simple, GDPR & PECR compliant analytics tool for your website. We do not ...  More

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Reportei is a digital marketing reporting tool focused on social media. The software relies on ...  More

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