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A new, easy and provocative way of writing a personal diary or journal

You might have seen a review that FeedMyApp posted recently for an app called BooksTo.Me. In it, it was mentioned how posting daily Instagram photos has become the new diary for many people and how it was a convenient way of documenting your life. The diary concept has all but disappeared for many these days, but with so many popular online versions available as well as the plethora of personal blogs and journals, it’s obvious that many have a hankering to document their daily activities. But anyone who writes on a daily basis will know that the hardest sentence to write is the very ...  More

Askt App Apr 26th 2014

A social Q&A app with points to prove

Need an answer to a sticky question fast? You could go to places like Quora, Stack Overflow or Yahoo Answers but why not try this much more social Q&A application Junglr. Here is a place where you can ask your questions, take your place in debates and polls and learn and share information with social friends and the rest of the world. Junglr then turns your queries into a gamifying experience by awarding points to 'buy' all sorts of stuff.   Junglr is a new question and answer site built around speed and usability. From the simple act of Q&A to debates and polls, users on ...  More

Junglr Mar 5th 2012

Take your argument online

You can certainly get it all off your chest on this site and believe me some people really do. This isn’t a site for kids who’ve just had their first argument and think their whole worlds caving in, this is aimed fairly and squarely at those couples who are midway through a life sentence and suddenly find out it’s not what it used to be. Well that’s the impression you get when you read the site’s blurb but of course it’s open to anyone who fancies getting in on a conversation about what goes on behind bedroom doors, or shower curtains come to that!  More

CouplesSpark Dec 1st 2011

Collaboration for news with rich media content

It is a fundamental human trait to need to ask questions and get responses. In the old days when we tended to live in smaller communities this was possible with face-to-face communication. However, as society has grown it has become impractical for one person to communicate their thoughts and news with everyone on a daily basis. Then newspapers and printed media entered the scene offering content and insight to a broader crowd. Then came the digital age and then came CivicBoom. It's a news app that connects the people that have news content with the people that need it.  More

Civicboom Dec 1st 2011

Brainstorming, crowdsourcing, cash prizes

Sometimes you are too close to a problem to see a way to solve it. That's the point when you really do need your friends to act as a sounding board. You'd think they would be able to come up with an answer, wouldn't you. Well how about if you had hundreds of friends to act as that sounding board? CrowdStormer is a crowdsourcing app that pitches your question to the crowd and receive ideas and responses on how to improve, enhance or solve your problem.  More

Crowdstormer Nov 28th 2011

Feel shruggy today?

I apologise if I sound like an old cynic but I really can’t see the point of this one. What I mean by point I suppose is I can’t see that it brings anything new to the party that is social networking sites.  More

Let’s consider the name and then some basic features and I’ll leave it to you to decide if this is a must have addition to your probably already rather crowded collection of apps.  More

shruggy Jan 30th 2011

Phone Lookup, Reverse Phone Lookup, Free Lookup

Don't you hate it when you get those phone calls around dinner time from some guy in India who says he's in the next town to you and wants to talk you into a new mobile plan? I find it very annoying when they just cut you off when you question them. Or maybe it's someone doing a prank call for Halloween and you want to get them back. So how do you find out the number of the person who called? EphoneReverse is pretty well what you think it is. It let's you see who just called you and if it's a company calling you can see if it really exists.     EphoneReverse is a reverse ...  More

EphoneReverse Sep 2nd 2011

Experts on demand

If you’re on the hunt for some online advice but would feel more comfortable paying for a face-to-face consultation then could be the answer.  More

With 53 experts registered and covering a number of skills including business & finance, legal, health, medicine and personal development, you could have one at the end of a video camera in no time. With no downloads necessary all you need is a video enabled computer with speakers and a microphone.   More Apr 13th 2011

Get Advice from Women on Dating, Relationship, Love, The Pursuit of Male Happiness

If you’re a guy who’s desperate to get a female angle on a niggling question but don’t have anyone in your circle of friends that fits the bill, for a couple of dollars you might get what you want here.  More

On the other hand, if you’re a woman and want the chance to supplement your income by $25 a day then use your wisdom and sign up as a respondent.  More Aug 11th 2011

Social Q&A for your Site

Oh I gettit. Degree give someone the third Q&A for your site. It took me a while. There are quite a few feedback tools for websites around. Some of them gather their data with almost subliminal ease while some just go for the jugular. Degree 3 is of the latter persuasion and it's main claim to fame is that it gives your users the easiest way to ask questions and share what they know about your site or product!   According to research, most users are more inclined to respond to a simple and direct question and answer format than in forums or asking them to ...  More

Degree3 Sep 15th 2011

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