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Your guide to the financial world

Imagine being able to take a financial adviser around with you all the time, and one that talks in plain English too. is a great one-stop-shop for all of the questions you might have from the best credit card and payday loan deals around to the more worrying subject of serious debt problems.  More

Rate Rush May 7th 2010

Your personal finance Q&A community - where good answers get voted up!

Billed as the place for people who want to be financially literate, this site provides a community based question and answer service for all things of a personal finance nature. Still in beta it’s not the finished article but the range of topics and contributions is already impressive.  More

There is a pretty clear line drawn about what is and what isn’t considered a suitable style of question. For instance asking if you should hold or sell a particular stock would not be welcomed. Equally, trying to garner opinion as to whether the community consider X Bank to be as rubbish as you do will not stay an open question for long.  More Feb 5th 2010

WeGoLook when you can't

It used to be the case that when you were going to purchase an item it was generally local. You could touch it, feel it and even bring an expert friend to give you advice. It's a bit more difficult than that these days, isn't it. So many of our purchases are done from a distance and we rely on the integrity and honesty of the seller to make sure we aren't being sold a lemon. Well, WeGoLook is your expert friend. WeGoLook dispatches over 7,000 Nationwide Looker® Inspectors to complete an ONSITE verification report of the item you wish to purchase or verify. leverages ...  More

WeGoLook Aug 29th 2011


Ever wished you had the who wants to be a millionaire “ask the audience” help in real ...  More

question social answer


Easily ask, answer, and analyze questions using SurveyMi. SurveyMi is the easiest way to ask ...  More

vote poll questionnaire


Various 'how to' questions are approximately 40% of questions asked on the internet. There is a ...  More

advice answer collaboration

Friends Roulette

Friends Roulette is an app that gives you a nice way to put your friends into a roulette, add a ...  More

android fun friends


Light is an answering engine based on NLP, machine learning and man-machine hybrid ...  More

android answer questions

iboga app

iboga gives you real-time insights into life and what's happening in this world from people ...  More

answer health lifestyle


This is a Q&A android app that allows users to ask questions anonymously and get answers ...  More

android answer questions

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