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Use skill and accuracy to take this traditional board game 3D

It probably started when you were a child and were given a bag of marbles by your mother for your birthday. You probably began to make up your own ball games where, by flicking them, you could knock an opponents marbles off the carpet. When you were a teen you probably moved on to pool where you used a cue to skillfully hit them into the pockets. Maybe you moved on to snooker after that and added a new set of cueing skills. Well now that we are in the age of technology you can use those same skills to play a new interactive game for iOS called Cayram. With this multiplayer 3D game you ...  More

Cayram كيرم Mar 23rd 2013

English To Arabic Dictionary

Either you are learning the Arabic or English language or your language is weak and you are ...  More

arabic education google

Mar 30th 2015

Smi Live TV

With Smi Live TV you can access more than 260 live tv channels from all over the world. Watch ...  More

arabic streaming tv

Mar 17th 2015

MP3 Quran Tafsir Translation

GET confidence building self esteem,self worth,health and well being forever! Our epic MP3 ...  More

english arabic fashion & beauty

Mar 8th 2015


Aliphia is the first arabic invoice software (also available in English and French) meant for ...  More

web arabic billing

Jan 12th 2014

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