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Tune in, Turn On, Trip out!

Without a doubt, Digital Acid is one of the weirdest apps for iPhone that I've come across so far. It's an art mashup video tool that features a bunch of supposedly hallucinagenic films accompanied by their own equally trippy soundtracks. The idea behind Digital Acid is that it's virtually a digital drugs image that works by playing the video and staring at the centre of the screen and then staring at your hand to get the desired hallucinogenic effect. I can hear you laughing now but...give it a try.   Digital Acid claims to be an original hallucination inducing abstract app. The ...  More

Digital Acid Mar 17th 2012

Release your inner Jackson Pollock

Deco Sketch is a free, fun art application designed specifically for tablets (ipad2 specifically) that allows you to release your inner Jackson Pollock in cyber form. This glorious looking drawing tool gives you the opportunity to create the most beautiful looking abstract digital drawings that you can save and use as wallpaper or maybe use to decorate your new Facebook Timeline banner.   Deco Sketch is a generative drawing application designed specifically for tablets. With a bit of practice and a bit of play and experimentation you can turn your blank screen into a thing of pure ...  More

Deco Sketch Feb 21st 2012

Create, buy & sell in an online marketplace

I've had this great idea that I've been mulling over for the last few years to design and make sets of those cool retro flying ducks to hang on the kitchen wall like your grandparents used to have when you were a kid. But where do you sell them? On eBay? Create a Facebook page? Design a website for your product? All those things are good but really, the place you would be most likely to find flying ducks for sale would probably be the weekend market. Kraftwurx is kinda like an online market place where you can create and sell or buy bespoke and custom made items designed by people just ...  More

Kraftwurx Dec 22nd 2011

Social networking for the art world

Art collectors tend to be an anonymous bunch. You don't really hear much about them until they strike and buy a piece of work and then their name isn't often featured. is the perfect app for those people. It's a social network for artists, collectors and the general art market that's available in several different languages. It's aim is to link the world of cultural world of art with the economic world of collecting.   With the internet so indispensable in our day to day dealings it's about time the artists of the world had their own social networking app. MyArtMap  ...  More Dec 19th 2011

"Cool Able Art" is an anagram of Collaborate - very apt for Mixel

Mixel has taken collaborative art to another level with this iPad app. Not only is it an inspiring and colorful way of unleashing your creative juices but you can also share the experience and let your friends take your vision and turn it inti something else. Mixel is a completely new way of sharing your artistic skills with friends and making something even more special.  More

Mixel Nov 27th 2011

Remote casting for actors and performers

Apparently the inspiration for LetItCast was set many years ago when the director Stanley Kubrick was casting for his "Full Metal Jacket" movie and invited actors to send in their audition tapes to apply for the parts rather having an live audition. LetItCast is a casting and employment app used by the leading productions where you can submit your audition 'tape' and actually audition for the role.  More

Let It Cast Nov 23rd 2011

Online Community for Crafters

The community strikes back! ThingsPeopleMake is like that place you always check out when you go to the market - only it's been brought right up to date and into the noughties. ThingsPeopleMake is somewhere for talented crafters, makers and do-it-yourselfers to go to show and sell their bespoke items. Share your projects with your friends and get feedback even if you don't plan to sell them.  More

Things People Make Nov 22nd 2011

Paybookclub - Encash media you share free everyday

Got a mobile? Make money day and night with this App! Keep taking pictures and keep posting ...  More

paid earn rewards


Housee app is a collection of modern house floor plan designs, with 3D elevation previews from ...  More

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A simple but still useful app which helps you to keep track of your house cleanings, create a ...  More

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