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A bridge between entrepreneurs and talented parties

There are an awful lot of unfulfilled ideas floating through cyberspace. Unfortunately, there seems to be more ideas being floated than there are entrepreneurial spirits to help them come to fruition. So if you have a brilliant idea it would be rather useful if there was a place you could go where the funding parties congregated. RockThePost is such a place. It is what's known as a business social network and a place where the talented individual (which I guess is you) and the entrepreneurial (and this could also be you) type can touch base to potentially take your Dream project to the ...  More

Rock The Post Dec 7th 2011

Business social network platform for investment

I’ve seen some of the elements available here before but usually on separate sites. This one brings them all together so that people with great ideas can find the partners they need to bring those ideas to fruition. The middle-man is normally a much derided figure in all aspects of business and this site aims to cut him out of the equation altogether (loud cheers!) and act as the bridge that brings the different parts together on a business social network platform.  More

Rock The Post Nov 25th 2011

URL shortener that pays you

Why would you need to shorten your URL I ask myself? Mine is pretty short anyway. But shortening one's URL is not about most of us. Where it is of most benefit is with something like a particular forum or if you share a link on Facebook or Twitter. is a URL Shortening Service that not only does the shortening work for you but also pays you for the privilege. The only thing that they ask is to put a small advert on your link (which can be skipped).  More Nov 21st 2011

Verified Loan Programs

Searching for the right loan arrangement can be a hazardous enterprise. You could go to a bank, of course, but sometimes you might get a better deal elsewhere. The minefield here is the possibility of fraud apart from anything else. The bottom line is that there are quite a lot of options out there and it would be great if there was some way of comparing them all. Well now there is. Verifico is the first online marketplace where you can search through specialty loan programs that are provided by verified loan consultants.     Verifico Corporation hosts, the ...  More

Verifico Nov 12th 2011

Read Textbooks Online

Most students seem to meet have a money problem. There's never enough of it. Then there's the money that has to be paid back later. It all adds up. So when it comes to the text books you need to buy for your course it can easily turn into a big problem. You pay a lot of money for them, use them a little bit and then try to sell them back. It would be so much better if you could rent the chapters you want. BookStep is a textbook tool based in the cloud that let's you access the material you need for little or no money.     In this age of increasing school fees students ...  More

BookStep Nov 11th 2011

Black Friday Sales

It's time to start planning. Black Friday is just around the corner. For those who aren't aware the Black Friday sale is the biggest sale of the year and takes place on Friday, November 25th throughout the US. So what will be on sale? How can you plan to spend your money wisely? BlackFridaySales is a shopping and marketplace app that will help save you money by informing you where and when to shop on the big day.     Black Friday Sales happen the Friday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2011 falls on Friday, November 25th. It is the biggest shopping day on the American ...  More

BlackFridaySales Nov 12th 2011

Really simple online expense tracking.

For people constantly on the move it’s not always easy to keep track of every penny spent. Those coffees and donuts can add up though and if you happen to be spending them in the course of running a business you really should be accounting for them.  More

Texthog is a good looking app that lets you record every expense right at the very time it occurs meaning you’re not at the mercy of lost receipts. Besides, you can take a photo of them and always have them available for any IRS requirements.   More

TextHog Apr 1st 2009

Big Savings + Cash Back!

If you shop online, and let’s face it who doesn’t these days, then any opportunity to get discounts and cash back is going to be a welcome bonus.   More

This isn’t the only site offering coupon and cash back functions but there can never be enough of them as far as I’m concerned. Add to that the fact that the more sites there are the more chances of your favourite online store being included increase it becomes a win- win situation.  More Apr 18th 2011

Upload funny videos, pics and games.

This is a site that promises much in the way of earning cash but it’s probably a good idea to consider how you make it before you start staging funny situations and capturing them on your video. And unless you reside in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and other EU countries you’ll not be able to take part anyway but I can’t imagine too many people crying over that to be honest.   More Jan 20th 2011

Pocket-Changing the World

If you’re one of those people who always has good intentions when it comes to charitable giving but are perhaps rather forgetful then as long as you use Twitter or Facebook you could overcome that problem.  More

HelpAttack provides a service that lets you spread your giving by drip-feeding small pledge amounts over a period with every tweet or Facebook update you make. As the demo video alludes to, if you’re looking for a warm feeling every time you’re active on either of those social networks then sign up for an account!  More

HelpAttack! Sep 14th 2010

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