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The debate between kindle readers and physical paper book readers has raged for a few years now and avid readers seem to have divided into one or the other. Ebook readers love the ease and simplicity of reading a book on their kindle without having shelf loads of books cluttering up their homes while paper book readers love the pure pleasure of holding a book in their hands rather than a piece of plastic. Personally, I think the kindle has a fair way to go to fulfill its obvious potential. However, there is another way of 'reading' books that seems to have got lost in the argument. The ...  More

AudiobooksNow Jan 18th 2015

Woord - Text to Speech

With this app, you can easily convert text to speech (TTS). Just enter the text and the app ...  More

photo audio android

May 24th 2020


Immerse into enjoyable reading with FullReader. It is a multifuctional reader app for Android ...  More

bookreader ebook reader

Sep 21st 2018

Triumph - Journaling, Reimagined

Journaling made easy and effective, even on the move! Guided journaling sessions with Tria, your ...  More

success personal development self-improvement

Aug 2nd 2017

English Book One free

English Book One free android app offers to teach your kids/children in a modern way through ...  More

academic software audio audiobook

Mar 31st 2015

Quran Online

Full-featured Quran App. Arabic Text and English translation in parallel. Recitations by ...  More

audiobook book event

Mar 28th 2015

Transcribe Player

Transcribe Player lets you listen to audio files and make short skips in them. You can adjust ...  More

audio audiobook android

Feb 15th 2015

Audiobooks Now

The AudiobooksNow ( ) app ...  More

audiobook android

Feb 4th 2015

Dark Romance App for Android

The Dark Romance web app delivers historical and paranormal romances to Android readers ...  More

audiobook book entertainment

Dec 17th 2014

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