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eConscribi eRecruitment

eConscribi eRecruitment - a new and unique disruptive way of offering SaaS eRecruitment ...  More

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Whether you’re arranging one hundred shipments a day or one thousand, FreightExchange helps to ...  More

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KiteDesk makes it easy for salespeople to prospect for sales leads with a premium search ...  More

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With Payrexx companies and organizations can offer their customers an easy and safe online ...  More

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Bonusly reimagines recognition by empowering employees to reward each other with peer ­to ­peer ...  More

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Mycroft Assistant

Mycroft Assistant is for you if: 1. You want to get 3 times of reduction the total value of ...  More

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Contract Management Ba-PRO

Ba-PRO contract manager is the easiest way to manage all your contracts whilst in the office or ...  More

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TwoFold tells managers how to onboard their new hires, when to have check-in meetings with their ...  More

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I created GANTTplanner for everyone who is using Google Calendar to manage their projects. ...  More

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Makesbridge publishes a marketing automation platform that is used by companies around the ...  More

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