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Emmbook for Baby

Emmbook for Baby is an application for the iPhone and iPod touch that gives new parents a ...  More

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lil’grams is the baby book for modern parents – we help capture and organize ...  More

book baby


Track your baby’s essential activities: feedings, diapers and sleep.

baby stats


The social network for fathers.

  • Keep your promises: Make pledges about things ...  More

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Moms who care always share !

Here moms
- can express themselves with Blogs

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Tumblon gives you customized developmental information about your children and lets you ...  More

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What a Lovely Name

What A Lovely Name is our website for helping you find the perfect name for your baby. You ...  More

baby tools


If you want to create free family webpages or a family blog, is a private ...  More

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TotSpot is a place to create a private page about your kids and share it with friends and ...  More

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hand-me-downs is a new classifieds site for moms where you can buy, sell, give away, or ...  More

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