Baby apps

Annie Baby Monitor

Meet Annie! A reliable mobile app for baby monitoring that works on any network. All you need is ...  More

nanny monitor video

Aug 27th 2020


Leaframe has no SNS like communication features, “read”, “like”, or “comment”. The pace of ...  More

parenting share momma

Apr 16th 2020

BabyNames: BabyNames: Spanish boys and girls names

BabyNames: Spanish boys and girls names is the easiest and funniest way to find out your son's ...  More

favorites android boy

May 7th 2019

Auto Lullaby Player

Do you want a peaceful night sleep then Auto Lullaby Player is for you. Auto Lullaby Player ...  More

sleep player baby

Jan 25th 2019

Baby Swim !

Baby Swim ! Explore the underwater-adventure against piranhas by day & #night ! Baby Swim ...  More

funny baby ios

Apr 28th 2018

baby gender predictor

Baby Gender Predictor calculates gender by using ancient Chinese Baby Gender Calendar and Blood ...  More

baby predictor gender

Jan 1st 2018


BabyPi is the first baby app to use AI to learn a baby's unique sleeping and feeding patterns. ...  More

babytracker feed smart

Sep 5th 2017

Motor City

Do your kids like to point out different cars while driving in the back seat of your car? If so, ...  More

game toddlers truck

Apr 25th 2017

Baby Name Game

Harry or Henry? Vanessa or Violet? Choosing a baby name is a huge big decision. Baby Name ...  More

parents kids baby

Mar 23rd 2017

Baby Cars - Play & Learn

Children love cars and the sounds they make. In “Baby Cars – Play & Learn” the toddlers will ...  More

baby car child

Dec 22nd 2015

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