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What do you want to be When You Grow Up?

The social history of employment is an interesting topic in that it didn’t really change much for the vast majority of people until fairly recently.  More

In times gone by if you were a boy and your father worked down a coal mine the chances were that you’d end up down there too. If you happened to be a girl well there wasn’t many options other than to be a housewife or perhaps go into service. The same probably applies for the building trades, market porters and those that worked the land unless of course you happened to catch the eye of a generous patron.  More

WYGU Nov 4th 2010

Spark your journey

There has been plenty of talk about this travel site in recent months with a successful round of fundraising and a revamp completed in February of this year (2011) and more recently a partnership deal signed with The New York Times.   More

Wanderfly is an interesting addition to the travel planning tools available on the web and can be of great use if you are undecided about where to go. OK so a lot of people might only approach this type of site once they’ve got a destination in mind but for those of you that haven’t it could open your eyes to some places of great interest that you may never have considered.   More

Wanderfly Oct 12th 2010

Your Apps. Simplified.

We all have heaps of apps tucked away within the various devices we use but rarely they work in conjunction with each other. We have social networking apps for keeping in touch with friends, file-storing apps for keeping and protecting our important data, apps for storing our photos and messages and apps to help you explore the outside world. Cloudbot let's you tear down the walls that separate these tools and present them all in one place so they can interact with each other     Cloudbot is a mobile tool for your iPhone that goes some way to simplifying the way we interact ...  More

Cloudbot Sep 19th 2011

Get your startup funded fast.

Sometimes the hardest part of getting funding for your project or business is literally the finding of the potential investors. PitchBIG is a finance tool that puts the budding entrepreneur into the same room as the moneyed-up investor. By establishing an exclusive networking system you can take your business plan or pet project and place it on the desk right in front of your possible backers. And you can do it all  for free.   PitchBIG is an exclusive networking system that provides entrepreneurs with the ability to connect with investors. As an entrepreneur, raising capital to ...  More

PitchBIG Sep 28th 2011

IT infrastructure management application

Oozyo is a networking management tool that I need! If I could only remember the various passwords and usernames I have for my accounts I'd be a very happy man. What tends to happen is I just click on the forgotten password button and do it that way. It doesn't have to be like that though. Oozyo, among many other things, let's you put all your usernames and passwords securely online so they are available to you wherever there is an Internet connection. Bliss!     Are you always searching for your computer usernames, passwords and valuable client information etcetera? Stop ...  More

Oozyo Oct 20th 2011

Grow business with social logins

I have to admit that I am one of the people that LoginRadius is targeting with this domain tool. There are definitely times when I just can't be bothered to go through the whole rigmarole of the sign-up process despite the possible merits of a website and decide to go elsewhere. To keep up with current internet trends LoginRadius eliminates the often lengthy registration process by letting the potential customer sign in with one all encompassing ID.     LoginRadius is a Software As A Service (SAAS) which adds social logins on a website. The fundamental idea is to eliminate ...  More

LoginRadius Oct 19th 2011

Social networking meets social payments

I imagine the invite list for the launch of this app is fairly long given the quality of the presentation and the apparent ease of use of each feature. Its uniqueness will also not go unnoticed. Using social networking at its base ShareNPay will allow users to activate many functions on their mobile phones without the need to constantly open and close others.  More

ShareNPay Oct 8th 2011

Create a map for your website in a matter of minutes

I'm in love with Build-A-Map already! This staggering map tool is in beta mode right now but will be a boon to bloggers and travelers the world over when it's in full tilt boogie. Filled with fascinating detail that you can easily add in, Build-A-Map guides you through the map making process when you take your next road ip or holiday with fabulously rich and visually creative interactive maps so everyone else can see what a great time you are having.     Build-A-Map lets you build interactive online maps with minimal effort. With the simple point-and-click user interface ...  More

Build-A-Map Aug 25th 2011

Easy to use Online Database

RhythmData is an easy to use organize collaboration tool for the non-technical user that enables you to build a custom online database and, more importantly, track two or more related things. So...what does that mean, you ask? Well, let's say you wanted to establish a relationship between your students on the one hand and their test scores on the other. RhythmData allows the user to establish a relationship between the two sets of records with minimal setup and expertise.   RhythmData allows you to build a custom online database application to work with exactly the information you ...  More

RhythmData Sep 30th 2011

Keep track of what you make!

Even cottage industries need to keep proper records! Never a truer word was spoken especially when what started out as a hobby suddenly turns into a fully- fledged small business.  More

The market for handcrafted products continues to grow and many small production lines have been set up in homes and garages across the country. In a lot of cases the finished products are made up of several elements of raw material and so keeping a record of the volumes and costs of these is just one thing that’s easy to lose control of.  More

Craftybase Jul 5th 2011

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