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Where aspiring Internet entrepreneurs connect

If the startup bug has just bitten you, no matter what you do or where you happen to be in life, you’ll probably want some confirmation that you’re not going crazy and the opportunity to bounce some ideas around. Does that sound like you?  More

If it does then this new site could provide just the forum for that kind of interaction. It aims to spread its net wide and attract a cross-section of people to become "cravers" and build a community where every level of support is available for people with great internet startup ideas.  More

StartupCrave Mar 28th 2011

Discover what is liked the best

NEW REVIEW (28th Sept '11) after launch...  More


Show You Like It Jun 29th 2011

Dead Simple Idea Jotting

You know when you get an inkling of an idea  into your head and think it's the greatest idea anyone has ever come up with? It would be a good idea to write it down before you forget it, wouldn't it? If you are anything like me you think you'll remember it and will  write it down later but, you know as well as i do, it'll be gone forever in an hour or two. Wouldn't it be great if you could just stop and jot it down there and then? IdeaSnareis a social networking microblogging tool that is perfect for those moments.   IdeaSnare is an easy-to-use app that is much more useful ...  More

IdeaSnare Sep 18th 2011

Notes you'll actually use.

I'm sure you've got as many pieces of paper dotted around the house as i have. Obscure phone numbers, the shopping list and lots of multicolored post-it  notes with little reminders  written on them about seemingly important things. We all wish we could be more organized. Fetchnotes is an online mobile tool that allows you to organize all those pieces of paper onto a simple social online notepad.   Fetchnotes is based in the clouds and can be accessed in a click or two wherever you have your mobile phone. Think how easy it will be in the supermarket when you can just click a ...  More

Fetchnotes Jul 30th 2011

budgeting made easy

I like this simple app, a personal budgeting tool with a built in conscience! Well sort of.   More

A cynic might say that a budgeting app without the ability to sync with a bank account is lacking a vital ingredient, the reduction in the number of manual entries required. That may be an issue for those with complicated financial affairs and a string of bank accounts but if you just want an easy to use budget planner then will do the job.  More

spendbrite Mar 27th 2011

Side Effects, Treatments and Symptoms from Medify

No, Medify isn't a self diagnosing tool. That would be a little dangerous. It's an online health search tool that accesses the published findings of leading researchers, physicians and medical institutions worldwide. Their published findings of thousands of cases and details of ways of treating their symptoms are gathered together online to promote the advancement of medicine.   Modify gathers millions of these case studies of real patients every day and it's powerful search engine scans all the relevant details and extracts key phrases and information in each study. Patients with ...  More

Medify Sep 14th 2011

Organize conferences with ease!

When you are organizing a web conference you need experienced people to guide you through the process with the minimum of fuss and the maximum amount of exposure. frabulous is a web-based conference planning and management solution project management tool put together by David Roetzel the creator of open source software frab. He's also the principal organizer of the huge FrOSCon conferences so he knows web cons like the back of his mousepad.   frabulous is a 100% hosted SaaS (Software As A Service) solution for all your conference planning and management needs. It helps you to keep ...  More

frabulous Sep 2nd 2011

Be social. Meet new people.

There's a lot of Facebook users who only really log on to play the games and have a chat with their friends. Socialcyte is a gaming social networking and chat tool that goes a bit further than that. Many people who play online games form pretty good relationships with some of their protagonists no matter where they are in the world. Here you can take that to another level by interacting with them while you are beating the socks off them.   The website is in it's early days at present but it's aim is to allow users to chat and play games while socializing and meeting new people in a ...  More

socialcyte Aug 30th 2011

Let your visitors call you for free

You want to do anything you can to get your customers to communicate with you. So how about if you could find a way of letting your web visitors call you for free? When you integrate the business VoIP wizard Boundz into your webpage it searches and analyzes your potential customer's needs and enables them to call you without shelling out any money. It can even be diverted to your landline if you desire.  More

BounzD Aug 26th 2011

Real-time thinking. For groups.

If you have worked on a collaborative document with someone in another country or workspace you'll know all about how frustrating it is sending emails back and forth. ThinkFold goes some way to addressing those problems. This collaborative thinking tool puts an end to back and forth emailing, multiple document versions, unstructured wiki pages and confusing planning tools with this simple, easy to use structured thinking tool.  More

ThinkFold Sep 6th 2011

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