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Shock your friends! Best phone prank EVER! FoxyCall allows to call and send texts from fake ...  More

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Plustxt India

Plustxt India - India's text & SMS messaging app Plustxt allows fast text messaging in most ...  More

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GlobAllShare: Social Network of the future

Each member of GlobAllShare, who joins to the community during the pre-organisation stage and ...  More

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Spy your Love

Spy your Love is best cheating prevention and detection mobile app ! This app provides ...  More

cheating facebook monitoring launched today. The first service that allows text messaging from web to mobile ...  More

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Quipio is an effortless way to share beautiful thoughts and moments with people. Quipio quickly ...  More

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Forgot your mobile at home? You dont have to worry anymore, with Phonnix for Android™ ...  More

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Plustxt has released the latest version of its revolutionary texting app which supports cross ...  More

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Zoobe Cam

Zoobe Cam is a brand new iOS messaging app that allows you to create, send and post 3D animated ...  More

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In today's fast paced world, who has time to wait? Why would you sit in a crowded waiting room ...  More

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