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Turn your smartphone into an emergency safety device

While its not exclusive a security and personal safety application that is made purely for women, SOS -Stay Safe certainly could be a life saver for many. The app lets you turn your Android smartphone into an emergency safety device and sends discreet alerts to selected friends and family members with a simple and virtually unnoticeable shake of the device. It's the perfect app for people who feel vulnerable whether it be in a domestic situation, you are being stalked or followed are generally feel in a situation of perceived danger. SOS automatically sends an emergency message, your ...  More

SOS - Stay Safe Oct 4th 2013

My Harassment Toolkit

This app is for individuals who are experiencing or have experienced sexual harassment in the ...  More

human-resources self-improvement women

Apr 16th 2020

My SOS Family

'My SOS Family' is your trusted emergency support network of family, friends, neighbours and ...  More

loneworker elderly personalalert

Jan 13th 2019


In the digital age where most things are made simplistically convenient, and formidably on ...  More

videowills notifiers wills

Nov 24th 2018


More and more social apps are appearing on the app store. However, there is no good quality ...  More

android ios lesbian

Nov 6th 2018


Momdezvous is perfect for new mothers, women who have recently moved to a new city, changed ...  More

ios friends women

Sep 21st 2016


There is no simpler app for planning a healthy diet than Welle. Welle is a free app that was ...  More

best fitness food

Mar 15th 2016


ARGirls, the Vertices last release, is an Augmented Reality game for Android and IOS. You can ...  More

android game party

Jul 7th 2015

Dr. Contraction Timer By Tove Grindevoll

Dr. Contraction Timer is a must have tool that helps you time your contractions when you start ...  More

delivery fitness health

Jun 16th 2015

Balachandran RV

Entire India's Ethnic collection is now viewable on your smart phone and tablet. • 100% ...  More

fashion & beauty shopping women

Apr 8th 2015

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