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Viagra for your tweets - when 140 characters just isn't enough

Some think the 140 character limit to your Twitter tweets is too many characters while there are others who want to pontificate until the cows come home. You can't please all the people all the time. Given some of the inane ramblings of some tweeters it is probably a blessing in disguise that there is a limit but sometimes you just can't get your story across in that small amount of words and that's where Twishort comes in handy. This Twitter and blog tool let's you get your message up with a link for your avid readers to follow to read the whole story.   Twishort is a service that ...  More

Twishort Feb 17th 2012

Easy to install music player for your blog

TumblrPlayer is a free music player and web design application that allows you to insert a player onto your blog so that all your friends can listen to your favorite music while they read your fascinating diatribes.  This simple to use music app is a very elegant addition in the music player marketplace and gives you the freedom to create your music playlists from either your own music library, YouTube, Tumblr or your Blogger account.   TumblrPlayer is a free music, blog and web design application that allows you to use the wizard on the website to generate the code for a music ...  More

Tumblr Player Feb 16th 2012

Get the right lawyer

"Better get a lawyer, son" - that's how the song goes, isn't it? Well, it's easy enough to get a lawyer alright but not so easy to get the RIGHT lawyer for you. One with the right knowledge and expertise on the case you have for them not to mention one that suits your budget. RFPattorney is a legal marketplace application that's similar to other legal apps like the recently reviewed Quigal. By utilizing the power of the Internet and social media it provides a new of connecting practicing lawyers with potential clients making it a win-win situation for all concerned.  More

RFPattorney Jan 20th 2012

A social blogging network

NovaLet is a free blogging tool that masquerades as a social network. It's a blogging network where you can start and keep a blog, follow other bloggers, comment and share as well as being able to message other bloggers. NovaLet gives new meaning to social networking by connecting bloggers worldwide and letting them communicate and interact while keeping up to date with each other's publications.   NovaLet is a social blogging network where users are able to keep a blog, follow other blogs in the network, comment, bookmark, share content, message each other and more. NovaLet brings ...  More

NovaLet Dec 25th 2011

Nano blogging in seven words or less

"He was a man of few words" is a phrase you don't hear so much these days. It seems that everyone has an opinion on everything and no one is afraid to express those opinions. But half the trouble there is that where Twitter restricts it's tweets to 140 characters that is sometimes even too much. It would be interesting to condense that to a smaller figure to make one's opinions virtual soundbites of your thoughts. Hycku is a Nano-blogging service where you can deliver your ideas and thoughts in just seven words or less.  More

Hycku Dec 22nd 2011

World's First Risk-Free Naming Service

Trying to think of something both catchy and relevant to use as your domain name is not the easiest thing to do. Some people can knock twenty out an hour while others struggle to think of anything memorable. PickyDomains is a domain advice blog tool for business that has 46,000 people working for you trying to think up the perfect domain name for your business. If you like one of the options and decide to register the domain then it'll cost you just US$50 and it's all yours. Simple.     If you need a memorable and easy to pronounce domain name or slogan that perfectly ...  More Sep 18th 2011

Syndication Done Right

Information is time sensitive. When you find content that you want to syndicate onto your own blog or website you want the process to be instantaneous. Not next week or want to repost the information now. Equally, if you are a publisher, you will want to take your quality posts to a wider audience. If you receive a request to repost some of your content  you want to know that you are being compensated. RepostUs is a blog tool that allows any publisher's content to be instantly syndicated to another publisher and takes care of any monetary compensation at the same time. ...  More

Repost.Us Oct 12th 2011

Sprinkle change on the content you love

The message seems to be a very clear one on this site. Advertising revenue alone cannot continue to keep free sites free for much longer.  More

That may be a fact however this potential solution for filling the gap seems to require the lining up of rather a lot of ducks before producing micropayments for lucky site owners.   More

Kachingle Jul 17th 2009

Splinter me - the X-Factor for people who want to express themselves

SplinterMe is like the X-Factor for people who want to express themselves. It's for people who are a bit different to the mainstream and have problems getting across their true character. It's for talented people who don't believe in standard boring CV's detailing their past experiences. SplinterMe tracks your online activities on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn as well as your blogs and technical forums (and anything else you have going for you) and uses these activities to represent you in an original way.      If you are having problems expressing yourself SplinterMe is an ...  More

SplinterMe | Express Yourself Oct 6th 2011

Mobilizing the World's Content

Figures released recently suggest the future of personal computing will be more to do with the mobile versions rather than the home computer. They sell more tablets these days than they do laptops. And mobiles have gone through the roof. So it makes real sense these days to have a mobile version of your regular website. Moably is a domain design tool for your blog or mobile that enables you to create a mobile version of your website and blog. And you can do it for free. That's right, it's free and with no monthly charges either.   Moably is a mobile website builder that let's the user ...  More

Moably Oct 3rd 2011

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