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One click bookmarking in one location

While there are plenty of free bookmarking apps available they all have their own little foibles to make them differ from the rest. Miitla is a new web application that is geared towards the regular Internet user. What makes it different from many others is the ability to quickly save any interesting sites all in the one place on a third party server while you continue to surf the net. And what that means is that you can access them wherever there is an Internet connection and at any time of the day or night.  More

Miitla - Mind It Later Jan 3rd 2012

Smart bookmarking

LStack is a very neat and clever little bookmarking app that allows you to do all sorts of weird and wonderful things with your bookmarks. It allows you to save your bookmarks fast as well as annotating them with tags and custom parameters and manages your whole bookmarking database.   LStack is smart bookmarking app. It let's you bookmark any webpage with bookmarklet, annotate bookmarks with tags or smart tags and even lets you attach parameters to bookmarks with smart tags. LStack allows you to add virtually unlimited number of tags to any bookmark which can then can be used to ...  More

LStack Dec 20th 2011

A new type of bookmarking

Bookmarking can be the bane of our existence. No matter how much we like to keep them organized they always seem to be in a mess. Maybe it is the way we bookmark them? MindiT is a free productivity app that heralds a new method of bookmarking based on the mind mapping style where you can group like minded bookmarks in a graphical representation to make finding them more convenient and research easier.   The MindiT Bookmarking Tool delivers easily accessible bookmarking and an online bookmarking manager with a twist. It's a free online utility to gather and manage snippets of ...  More

MindiT Dec 18th 2011

Better bookmarking for all browsers

Bookmarking can be a messy business. It shouldn't be but it is. I don't know anyone who has actually organized all their bookmarked web pages the way it should be done. Grazely is a free bookmarking and organize tool where you can display, store and discover new sites and links. Then you can even share your bookmarks and links with your friends.  More

Grazely Nov 23rd 2011

Stash the good stuff

Pistashio is like having a notebook at your fingertips when you don't have a pencil. This bookmarking share tool is a fast and efficient way of saving all those things that you want to remember. Whether it's the website of that South Of The Border truckstop in South Carolina that you HAVE to visit or maybe the name of that band that you just read an article about. Then you can share them with your friends.   You can use Pistashio to store and save all those important things you find online that you usually just bookmark and forget all about. It's a web and mobile tool that not only ...  More

Pistashio Sep 14th 2011

Save now, Decide Later

I've lost count of the number of concert tickets I've missed out on because I've put the email or newsletter with its details in my "I'll deal with that later." That basically means my 'keep' box in my email or on top of that big pile of papers on my desk. is a bookmarking email event alert tool that installs a designated bookmarklet (I love that word) and you can start adding events to your list from your favorite sites straight away.   The way we go to events has changed dramatically these days. In the past it was easy to just turn up to an event, pay your money and ...  More Sep 22nd 2011

Amazing image bookmarking for your inspiration

Pleeq is the simplest of bookmarking photo share tools. There's nothing flashy or pretentious about it. It's just a place to save your favorite images from the internet in one place and then share it with friends and other users.  More

When you find a cool picture, just click the Pleeq bookmarklet (yes thats what they are called. Nice touch, eh?) and select the image you want to save.The ‘You will like it’ feature shows you pictures from other users on your favorite topics. This makes it the best tool for inspiration. Or you can just explore images others have saved. The pictures on show are gorgeous, that's for sure. You can also directly Pleeq pictures from the site to add them to your page.  More

Pleeq Sep 2nd 2011


Found something Interesting on the internet? Save It For Later. ARTICLES Save news and ...  More

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Hello all! I built as a fast, lightweight and reliable bookmarking service. You can ...  More

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WONDR encourages you to research, learn and discover insights about the topics you’re most ...  More

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