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Cubeit lets you save, organize, and share content from different apps in one place. So if you're ...  More

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Remembering useful web pages can be time consuming. Imagine a browser that remembers everything ...  More

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Thenmark is very useful Notification Center widget for those, who love to surf the web and ...  More

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Save and share snippets on the web. Simply highlight text on the web and use the ...  More

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Scilti is a new eBook reader app. Put your favorite books on Quick Desk. Create and share ...  More

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Collabrium is your new search companion - helping you discover information and knowledge in a ...  More

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Rakepage is a website for productive bookmarking. Get things done based on your bookmarks. - ...  More

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Social Bookmarking | Papaly

Have you ever wanted to share your links with all of your friends, but didn't want to take the ...  More

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JIISEARCH is the best way to do online research on your Android phone. It saves you time and ...  More

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Favatron is a service that automatically pulls down user's Twitter favorites, summarizes links ...  More

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