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A next generation, easy to use bookmarking engine for latest, trending and viral news around the ...  More

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GoCinchy is a simple yet efficient bookmark manager to organize your bookmarks the way you want. ...  More

bookmarking links saas

For starters, functions as a new Internet homepage. Individual users collect thumbnail ...  More

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Drag and drop things into your favourite cloud storage, create a special kind of ...  More

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Dewey is a web based application for adding and managing bookmarks. It makes bookmarking fun and ...  More

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MyMundus is a search engine which helps you finding those websites you forgot to bookmark. The ...  More

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Collecting inspirations and resources has just got A LOT better Dragdis is a free web app ...  More

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On Desktops, Tablets & Smartphones, everything is just one click away. So why on the Web do we ...  More

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- Quickly memorize places and services you love - Instantly recover useful details (tel, ...  More

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Simplib is a social network where people share websites. It helps you to collect your favorites ...  More

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