Brainstorming apps

Color Word

Color Word is a brain teasing puzzle game. This is a game of challenging your natural ...  More

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Precursor is the fastest way to prototype your ideas without distractions, and the easiest ...  More

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Innovation Cloud

Innovation Cloud is forever free online Idea management software. With intuitive design, it ...  More

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Business Name Generator Guru

The Business Name Generator Guru is a free web app that allows you to generate creative ...  More

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Tricky Maths

This application is a combination of puzzles and education. This app has a collection of more ...  More

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Planet Draw: EDU Puzzle

Hello! We are a group of polish dev and we’ve just released our educational app called ...  More

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Mindreader 2 player

Mindreader is our new android game. It has been released just a few days ago so you can be ...  More

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Memory shuffle puzzle

Wanna sharp your memory with fun??? Wanna enhance your concentration skills ??? If you want ...  More

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Brain Juice

Brain Juice aims to improve productivity levels by bringing you into your "zone" or "flow" ...  More

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Swipey Arrows

Concentrate your mind and swipe the arrow in the right direction. Swipe the Red arrows in the ...  More

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