Budget Plan apps

Balance Pro

Balance Pro is a digital checkbook register and bill tracker all in one app. Easily manage your ...  More

budget ios android

Feb 19th 2022

Finansi App

A new personal finance, expense tracking and budgeting app. Carefully thought out and centered ...  More

finance spending money-tracking

Oct 30th 2021


Billcont helps self-employed individuals/ freelancers and small to middle size teams track time/ ...  More

timesheets invoicegenerating teammanagement

Apr 2nd 2021

Time for Budget

Time for budget is made by ambitious people to help their users with their finances. We are ...  More

budget android finance management

Feb 14th 2021

Expenses for Slack

Are you still swapping Slack messages and running big Excel sheets to manage your traveling, ...  More

slackintegration expense tracker expense management

Jan 6th 2021

Merlin Project

For the Mobile Project Manager. With the flagship of our products you plan and organize ...  More

projectmanagement net kanban

Dec 9th 2020


Savology is a financial planning platform helping households improve their financial well-being ...  More

finance plan fintech

Jul 24th 2020

Planning Pal

With Planning Pal you can organize the things you share with family, roommates or colleagues. ...  More

android planning plan

Jun 18th 2020


iBucket is a social bucket list that helps users organize, prepare and accomplish their short ...  More

soon app bucketlist

Dec 24th 2019

FitItUp: Workouts&Food Tracker

Experience a completely new way of working out at home! FitItUp is your best choice to lose ...  More

new get ios

Apr 10th 2019

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