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A quick and easy way to schedule employees online

Small to medium sized business tend to fudge their way through things on a lot of the organizational side of the business. Sometimes it seems easier to design and draw a chart on paper than to go through the whole rigmarole of spreadsheets fir your scheduling. Smart Employee Scheduling takes all of the hard work out of online employee scheduling, rosters and timekeeping. The array of tools featured give you all the armory you need to tackle payroll and invoicing issues in a simple and clear way saving you time and money.   Smart Employment Scheduling is the quick and easy way to ...  More

Smart Employee Scheduling Dec 16th 2011

Sprout Robot

Here’s a topical one. You can’t watch a cookery programme these days without the celebrity chef banging on about the pleasure of growing your own fruit and veg. As if he actually gets down and dirty with a spade and a hoe! He’ll be too busy in make-up or signing his latest recipe book. It does however have a certain charm about it but for people of a certain age it’s something that your dad did. Add to that the likelihood that he learnt the skill from his dad and you start to get the picture; why did I never ask my dad?  More

SproutRobot Dec 14th 2011

Online appointment bookings to cut workload and improve conversion

I’ve seen a few good booking apps around and this one is certainly up there in terms of look and ease of use. If you run a service business such as a hair salon, photographic studio or equipment rental shop then Book’d will enable you to create a website styled to your choice and start taking online bookings, and better still online payments, in minutes. As you would expect with a system like this it not only makes it easy for your customers to book, and with that a reduction in the time you spend on the telephone, it also brings a high level of organization to the party.  More

Book'd Dec 10th 2011

Staff scheduling done well

Of the many weekly shift scheduling apps out there this one certainly looks to be up there with them as far as functionality goes with drag and drop features making the operation stress free and fast. If you’re still plotting your staff’s workload on a spreadsheet and then pinning it to the noticeboard you really should take a look at rotaville. You can still print out a copy of the weekly schedule if you like but with a good level of collaboration available on this system there are better ways to notify staff.  More

Rotaville Rota Software Dec 2nd 2011

An illustrated record of your life...

I’m a great believer in people writing some sort of record of their lives and I don’t just mean the rich and famous. There a far too many gravestones in the world with no story attached to them as far as I’m concerned and so getting people to jot down just some basic daily or weekly events is a start. There are wider implications of course and even though many people will consider their lives mundane and of no interest whatsoever to anyone else the generations that follow will probably see things in a different light. From a social history angle, either locally or ...  More

MOREDAYS Nov 30th 2011

Solo service providers appointment scheduling and bookings

There are quite a few online booking apps around and most of them do a good job. In a lot of cases thought they are designed for outlets with a number of staff and the scheduling issues that go with that. This one however does exactly the opposite and is specifically for those people practising their skills alone.In fact people working alone probably have more need for an online booking service as they don’t have anyone else around to answer the phone when they’re busy with a client. This app can overcome that problem by giving your customers online ...  More

EasyCal Nov 26th 2011

Online Appointment Booking

If you run a business where appointments are a critical part of its success then you mightwant to have a look at this online booking app.If you don’t have a website then that’s not a problem as every OpenCal account comes witha professionally designed site as part of the deal. If you have an existing site then you cansimply add the online booking system to it and enjoy all of the features.Whether you run a hair salon or spa or perhaps a real estate agency or dental practicethen this app will not only make life a lot easier but will do wonders for the image of yourbusiness ...  More

OpenCal Nov 25th 2011

E-Mail Tracking, Analytics and Templating

When it comes to starting a business it’s hard enough to find the time to get all the ducks in line before it launches let alone after. Throughout all of this activity the one thing you must continue to do is spread the word and market, market, market!  More

Of course these days the use of email is ever increasing but even that can be time consuming with a long list of recipients basically getting the same message. The other issue of course is once you’ve hit send a hundred times how do you know who’s read it and for those that have how does the response stack up to previous efforts?  More

Toutapp Jun 23rd 2011

Communicate. Collaborate. Do more.

It would be nice if you could take your office wherever you went and were able to interact, communicate and collaborate wherever you could get Internet access, wouldn't it? CompanyConcert is a project management collaboration tool for teams of all sizes that will work for you whether you are in the office, at home or even commuting.     CompanyConcert is a one stop virtual office for web-based communication and collaboration for teams of all sizes. Whether you’re in the office, at home or commuting, CompanyConcert is available wherever you have internet access. It ...  More

CompanyConcert Jun 21st 2010

Sharing Made Easy

Don’t let ShareZen’s short description above fool you into thinking that this site is all about sharing the odd meal out with friends or splitting the cost of a group holiday. On no, this is all about the sharing of big ticket assets and overcoming the hassle attached to that if serious organization is lacking.   More

ShareZen Jun 28th 2010

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