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A business card for the digital age

It seems the days of the humble business card are nearly numbered. The introduction of a digital identity application like cloudcard almost registers them obsolete when so much information can be kept more efficiently and attractively on your mobile phone in the guise of this marketing tool. Basically, cloudcard allows you to create your own personal app where clients can click your personal icon with all your information. This includes email, links, directions to your office and even a personal introduction video, which are displayed at the touch of your mobile phone.   Cloudcard ...  More

cloudcard Feb 25th 2012

A shopping cart to manage your mobile store

Times are tough out there in the retail world but there is one area that's on the up and up and that's sales via smartphones. Mobecommerce is an ecommerce shopping cart application for Android and iPhone and gives you all the tools to manage your mobile store effortlessly and with optimum efficiency.   Internet powered smartphones have become the godsend of the online retail market and are now a vital link in the world of online sales. People enjoy the luxury of on-the-go web access and the search for information and resources on the web with their smartphones. It seems that mobile ...  More

Mob eCommerce Feb 23rd 2012

Optimize your researching

Research, as anyone who has seriously dabbled in it will know, can be a very time-consuming occupation if you want to do it properly. Factbrowser is a social and business research and marketing application for your mobile phone that simplifies research  by collating all the best and most relevant results of your search from some of the most respected publications the world over. While it's pretty easy to Google or Bing your searches, Factbrowser hunts down specifically relevant publications based on the information you are looking for.   Factbrowser is the discovery engine for ...  More

Factbrowser Feb 23rd 2012

Attention gadgeteers

If you are one of those people who gets excited about gadgets, and there's a lot of you guys about, Drippler will be an interesting ecommerce news application for your mobile that you might want to keep an eye on. Drippler is a source of information regarding all things gadget - from all the latest mobile phones through tablets and right on to games consoles. The idea being to keep the gadget user informed and excited about all the product around, the most popular ones and  when new stuff is coming out.   Drippler is the ultimate information source for gadget users. In fact, it ...  More

Drippler Feb 14th 2012

Keep your mobile employees honest

NextPunch is a time tracking business tool with a difference. Where this business application for your mobile phone differs is that it is geared towards employees that spend a lot of time out of the office. There are several ways for your workers to 'clock-in' but one of them includes phoning in from their location. But to keep your mobile workers honest NextPunch allows you to restrict  the location where they can clock in and out from. So, when they say they are on the road heading for a valued customer you will know for sure they are not at the racetrack.   NextPunch is an ...  More

NextPunch Feb 12th 2012

E-commerce on your mobile

With money a little tight these days it's probably time that some businesses started to think outside the box to encourage new customers or to energize the one's you have already. Seconds is an ecommerce app for your mobile that is based in the cloud and makes life easier for your customers by providing another way of placing orders and keeping in touch with you apart from the normal face-to-face encounters. Seconds is ideal for food orders enabling customers to give you their lunch order without having to call you direct.   Seconds gives customers a better way to talk to your ...  More

Seconds Jan 10th 2012

Slim down that wallet

This one has had some reasonably good user ratings and it’s easy to understand why if you’re one of those people that carry around a wallet that resembles a back-pack. Never mind the cash inside it’s usually all of those loyalty and membership cards that bulk it out meaning that you can no longer slip it inside a back pocket and sit in any comfort.Well, you can now regain your posture with this smart little app that enables you to get the information required on most of your loyalty and membership cards transferred onto you mobile phone. Now, instead of fumbling ...  More

Cardmobili Jan 4th 2012

Create product catalogs for iPad,iPhone and Android

These are the times of the smartphone and the tablet. Gone are the days when you presented your product to your customers on huge paper pamphlets or even in PowerPoint. Surely its better to see your view your product the same way that most of your customers will see it - on your iOS, Android or iPad. AppGreen is a free business solutions tool for your mobile that let's you create and build your own product catalog and store it in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere there is an Internet connection.  More

AppGreen Dec 17th 2011

Personalized surveys and quizzes for iPad, iPhone and Android

See Feedmyapp special promo code below. One of the best ways of really getting to know exactly what your customers and website viewers want is still the old-fashioned quiz, questionnaire or survey. There's really nothing that gets to the crux of the matter like a few carefully chosen questions or a detailed survey about your product or commodity. Tabletquiz is a survey application for your mobile than enables you to create personalized quizzes and surveys for iPad, iPhone and Android. It makes full use of the uniqueness of the smartphone and tablet's features with their screen-size, ...  More

Tabletquiz Dec 17th 2011

Scheduling tool for real estate agents

It's tough times in the real estate business these days. It's certainly harder to sell a house in this tough economic climate. As a consequence there is far more pressure on the real estate salesman to actually make a sale or rent a property when the opportunity crops up. So whenever there is someone that wants to take a look at a property you are certainly going to want to fit them in somewhere. ShoMojo lets owners, managers and agents schedule rental and sales showings to give you the best chance of filling the vacancy.   ShowMojo takes the pain out of property showings by letting ...  More

Show Mojo Dec 15th 2011

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