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Keep your Android Text (SMS) and call history private

Now, if only Tiger Woods had this app on his smartphone at the time he probably wouldn't have got into quite as much of a mess as he did. Player Tools is an free Android privacy app that 'covers up' text messages and your phone log so no one else can see them.  More

Player Tools Cheating App Nov 26th 2011

Cheat Day App

The Cheat Day App combines the science of habit changing with the effectiveness of 'journaling' ...  More

cheating food journal

Mar 28th 2013

Spy your Love

Spy your Love is best cheating prevention and detection mobile app ! This app provides ...  More

cheating facebook monitoring

Mar 5th 2013


Online spelling tests - test, track and improve your children's spelling ability ...  More

academic software cheating child

Jun 16th 2012

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