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Goodnight Chrome

Goodnight Chrome is on a mission to give you the power to create quality time with loved ones ...  More

browser extension chrome extension

Oct 29th 2014

Social Bookmarking | Papaly

Have you ever wanted to share your links with all of your friends, but didn't want to take the ...  More

bookmarking search social

Oct 2nd 2014

Chromebook Comparison Chart

A sortable, filterable comparison table of all available Google Chromebooks listed with their ...  More

chrome comparison internet

Oct 1st 2014


Wibe is a chrome extension that combine Wikipedia and YouTube. Wibe integrates relevant YouTube ...  More

chrome wiki wikipedia

Jul 21st 2014

The fastest, most focused Salesforce experience. The Chrome sidebar is a beautiful, ...  More

chrome crm marketing

Jun 10th 2014


Introducing Vibe - The Quickest way to research people (Bringing the ‘Everywhere’ to ...  More

chrome mac people

Jun 2nd 2014


myTab replaces the new tab page in chrome, with a beautiful, informal and configurable page. ...  More

fashion & beauty chrome extension

May 26th 2014


Drag and drop things into your favourite cloud storage, create a special kind of ...  More

bookmarking chrome cloud

May 21st 2014


Linker is a Chrome extension which allows to send links to frequent contacts directly from ...  More

chrome extension links

Mar 4th 2014


Betty is a personal scheduling assistant that transforms the process of scheduling a meeting for ...  More

calendar chrome email

Feb 18th 2014

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