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With Pear, you are only ever ONE CLICK away from sharing your current web page with your pair ...  More

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Live Score Tab for Chrome

This is the extension for Google Chrome. You will see live scores online for football matches ...  More

chrome live worldcup

The Great Grouper

Do you also have so many tabs open, that you can't see your browser anymore? "The Great ...  More

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Zarget is a website optimization software with A/B testing, Heatmaps and Funnel analysis modules ...  More

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Globe - Your First 3D New Tab Page

This is the first time 3D has been integrated into the web browser! Globe Tab Page is a Google ...  More

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Reduce Chrome memory usage, get a bird’s eye view of all of your Chrome tabs and get rid of tab ...  More

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Making your own Google Chrome theme doesn’t get much easier than the Google Chromizer. ...  More

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Findera is a Chrome extension created to make Google smarter, more beautiful and ...  More

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Actisto - Free Calling & Files Sharing Online without Registration or Installation - ...  More

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Conan is the Chrome extensions which helps users boost their web reading efficacy by ...  More

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