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An easily searchable database to find the Bible's most relevant passages

Religion in general gets a pretty bad rap these days, doesn't it? Some say that it's on the decline. While a recent Gallop survey suggests that 40% of Americans go to church on the weekends, figures from the church itself put that figure at closer to 20%. That doesn't make it any less relevant to the way of life of millions of people around the world, though. I think it was comedian Steve Martin who said in the film "Grand Canyon" that "the answer to all life's problems are in the movies." Well, to many, the answer to all of life's problems are actually in the bible. It's just a question ...  More

Power Passage Dec 7th 2015

Share and pray

They are those special and precious moments for the church-goer. The moment when you come across a particularly inspirational quote or an allegorical story to clarify a problem. What you really need is a place where those thoughts can be gathered and shared with friends, family and the rest of the world. Prayter is a free  church social networking tool where you can share a thought or a prayer with your online congregation that and those you care about.   Prayter  is an easy-to-use church app that even the most inexperienced user can master in a moment. Just enter your ...  More

Prayter Sep 12th 2011


DonorKite is a complete donation management software that empowers churches, charities, and ...  More

donations fundraising non profit

Feb 4th 2022

United Faith Church App

United Faith Church exists to share the love of The Father in Jesus Christ through His Holy ...  More

testimonies sunday pastor

Oct 4th 2017

Jesus World (The Holy Bible)

* Jesus World is for everyone from kids to adult. * A completely new, user friendly App with ...  More

android book church

May 19th 2015


Ambassador is a sermon recording application that utilizes the built-in IOS microphone and ...  More

audio church share

Aug 25th 2013

Mobile Text Alerts

Send mass text alerts to your group. People can text in to join, or import a spreadsheet of ...  More

church communication schools

Aug 7th 2013


ChurchThemes makes running a church website easier and more fun than ever before with ...  More

church cms publishing

Feb 16th 2012

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