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Seamless flow from Desktop to IPhone or Android

What do you do when you want to continue a dialogue or online session when you move away from the device you are conversing on? With most people the two options are either the complete abandonment of the session or a long delay while you log on to another device which can mean a vital loss of continuity and often the cessation of the conversation. Folloyu is a free tool for your iPhone or Android that enables an online session to be continued on a different device from the exact point it was left in a matter of click.  More

Folloyu Nov 28th 2011


New node-based video and banner ads editor MixaPixa is the new professional tool of the ...  More

saas video edit design

Jan 19th 2022


A simple online booking system for businesses. Book a meeting room, a company car or a desk. ...  More

saas meetings meeting room app

Jun 22nd 2021


MOMO BOARD let you instantly create your own community message board from mobile app or desktop ...  More

ios board chat

Mar 24th 2021


Bublup is the one place you can save anything you want - store links, files, photos, GIFs, ...  More

cloud bookmarking organization

Feb 13th 2021


ONLYOFFICE Documents is a free mobile office that allows creating, editing and managing ...  More

suite presentations spreadsheets

May 21st 2020


Fumarii (founded in 2017) provides easy access to your own highly powerful cloud computer so you ...  More

cloud engineering design

Nov 20th 2019

Kdan Cloud

Store and sync your files to Kdan Cloud. Instantly upload files from Kdan’s apps or website. ...  More

kdan android ios

Feb 1st 2019

MailsDaddy Office 365 Backup Tool

MailsDaddy Office 365 Backup tool is the best cloud backup solution by using which an Office 365 ...  More

software tool cloud

Aug 8th 2018

Sky Cubes

Tilt your phone to control the cube that is falling down. Beware of the obstacles while you are ...  More

falling app new

Jul 7th 2018

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