Communication apps


DSTRUX enables you to control the stuff you share on the web, by allowing you to set ...  More

communication document sharing document management

Feb 17th 2015


BMEX enables you to send and receive contacts, pictures, videos, music, and all of your ...  More

backup communication computer

Feb 15th 2015


When the world goes dark and the cell towers stop working, ZombieChat carries on. Send and ...  More

chat communication messaging

Feb 11th 2015


"DCS-Monitor" is an app designed with simplicity in mind to monitor and forecast ...  More

android communication monitor

Feb 9th 2015


teamelio wants to be an alternative to current Project-management tools and other ...  More

collaboration communication mobile apps

Feb 5th 2015

Timed Text

Ever wanted to text a text message to someone at a specific time but was worried that you ...  More

android design messaging

Feb 3rd 2015


The Sapenta® cloud-based operations platform will provide global SMEs with an affordable, ...  More

calendar communication plan

Jan 28th 2015

Simple Team Meeting

Simple Team Meeting is a popular, super simple web App to create an Agenda for online ...  More

business communication productivity

Jan 28th 2015

ValentineDay eCards & Greetings

Want to wish your valentine in creative way in few seconds, use "Valentine Day¬† eCards and ...  More

communication community entertainment

Jan 27th 2015


Relax while giving your phone in other hands and enjoy the fact that no one will ever be able ...  More

communication messaging privacy

Jan 27th 2015

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