Communication apps

99check Family Locator – Geotagged Selfie Check-ins

99check is family location-sharing app that helps you check on your loved ones using geotagged ...  More

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May 19th 2016

WorkStraight work order software

WorkStraight is a free customizable work management platform that will empower your users in the ...  More

business calendar collaboration

Mar 22nd 2016

Bairo Engage

Doctor-patient communication is the #1 problem in healthcare. The Bairo Engage secured messaging ...  More

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Mar 20th 2016


PopTox is a new web browser based communication tool that lets users make free internet calls to ...  More

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Feb 26th 2016


We are excited to bring Group Mail for BlueMail today. A new and fresh approach to staying in ...  More

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Feb 12th 2016

Wi-Fi Walkie Talkie

WiFi Walkie Talkie is a Push-to-Talk application which allows you to talk for free over wireless ...  More

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Jan 31st 2016

GeoZilla Family Locator

GeoZilla Family Hub is a battery-friendly solution that empowers family members to be close when ...  More

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Jan 25th 2016


Bolt is the next generation in instant messaging. A realtime app that allows you to see what ...  More

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Jan 4th 2016


Welcome to the coolest way to connect with your contacts - LIVE STREAM and VIDEO CHAT! Enjoy ...  More

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Dec 4th 2015

Secure MMX Encrypted Messenger

With the extend of the invasion into our digital privacy being made public by whistleblowers ...  More

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Nov 19th 2015

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