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Calio is a calendar with a fresh approach - we're reimagining the way calendars work. Our ...  More

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From dog walker and Dj's, Builders and beauty artists, Plumbers and Party Planners who ever and ...  More

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Nowadays the access to Internet is not a privilege but it´s becoming a human right. And yet, ...  More

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Chummy is the simplest way to ask for help and pay it forward ❤️ With Chummy, you can: • ...  More

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ComYoot is a mobile app that allows users to easily share skills, services, and career ...  More

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What you make is hugely influenced by where you work. We connect you to the most inspiring ...  More

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Atameo introduces a new way for people to capture their travel memories in a simple and ...  More

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You’re a gamer, so you know the choice of what to watch is almost overwhelming. With so many ...  More

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The NearBuz app enables you to easily find and hire freelancers around the globe (usually for ...  More

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TravelSherpa - Social Travel Planning Apps

The idea behind TravelSherpa was to create a ‘travel assistant/companion’; a community that is ...  More

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