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A complete set of management tools for your online small business

Knowing that there are many of our FeedMyApp readers that are considering starting up their own online small business in the near future we thought it was time to look at a really good comprehensive project management app that will handle all your business needs. In the past we have featured reviews on great business management apps like Doolphy, Apptivo, WORKetc and Solo and MYCO Suite is right up there with the best of them. It's a very professional complete set of management tools that offers time customer relations management, project and document management, billing, time tracking and ...  More

MYCO Suite Jun 27th 2012

Turn your Timeline into great advertising matter

While Facebook's Timeline has revolutionized the social aspect of the world's most successful social network the same cant really be said for its ability to help businesses sell their products. It's fairly obvious that Timeline needs a bit of tweaking. Even though it may succeed in retrospectively mapping out where your company has been it doesn't have the same emphasis on the advertising you are doing now and that is what you want your customers to see. SocialGimme Bizzwall is a Facebook application and set of business tools that allows you to use drop and drag technology to turn your fan ...  More

Socialgimme Bizzwall Jun 18th 2012

Market your products online with this business network

BizTrumpet is all about promoting and marketing your business or products. It does this and opens an avenue for better trade by providing channels of communication with other businesses and giving you an array of powerful, free and simple to use marketing tools. BizTrumpet's ever growing network of affiliate businesses operate in a LinkedIn way to open trading opportunities worldwide and is a great way to establish yourself if you are a new organization.   BizTrumpet is an initiative by to empower businesses in cost-effectively marketing their products and services online, enhancing ...  More

BizTrumpet Jun 7th 2012

How to fund, sell and develop your app

The New Appsplit claims that it has a newly improved platform that will change the entire apps industry. Well I don't know about that but it will certainly encourage some new people to get involved. So how will it go about this radical change, you may ask? The idea behind it is to provide a place where you can possibly get budding entrepreneurial types to either fund your brilliant new app idea or buy it off you completely. This free crowd sourcing application is a marketplace for ideas for the next big app where developers and money men can peruse each other till their hearts content. ...  More

the new appsplit Jun 5th 2012

Open your ecommerce shop with all the trimmings in minutes

Getsocio is like a big warm blanket you can relax into when you are developing your ecommerce site. By that I mean they cover all the important bases and deal with all aspects professionally when it comes to online sales. Getsocio does all the behind-the-scenes stuff while your customers think you have a dedicated team working as your sales force day in and day out. Within a couple of minutes you can have an up and running and great looking online shop with all the trimmings including online payments and achieve itin a cost effective way.   Getsocio is a social commerce platform that ...  More

Getsocio Jun 2nd 2012

A Gimme page that could revolutionize online advertising

SocialGimme could well be another step in the evolution of advertising on the Internet allowing everybody from the individual with a story to tell, the small business trying to find themselves a niche market right through to bigger companies with products to sell. SocialGimme is a simple web design app that is great for startups and let's you easily create Gimme pages without the need to spend large amounts on web design. Design your page with simple guidelines in a matter of minutes and you are one click away from being publishable. This free app makes web design fun as well as very cost ...  More

Socialgimme May 31st 2012

Create business proposals in minutes, not hours

Mimiran is a business tool for people with great ideas who want to speed up the whole business proposal deal and make it more efficient, garner immediate responses and get to the bottom line quicker. While you maybe a whizz at coming up with ground-breaking business ideas you might not be quite so adept at physically putting a proposal together to inspire potential collaborators. Mimiran is a business tool that provides simple and customizable proposal templates that lets you send proposals in minutes rather than hours to give you a better chance of winning contracts   Some people are ...  More

Mimiran May 24th 2012

Add risk measures to your stock screening criteria

I don't confess to be an expert on the money market and I'm sure I'm not alone there - especially in this volatile economic climate. So it seems imperative that, if you are going to invest in the stock market, it is vital that you have access to up-to-the-minute information on what's on the way up and what's on the way down. MSS-Markescope Stock Screener for iDevices and iOS is now available for portfolio managers and traders and provides all the usual capabilities of a screener as well as an added risk measures to the screening criteria.   MarkeScope Investment solutions has released ...  More

MSS - Markescope Stock Screener May 23rd 2012

Accounts receivable without having to send the boys around

What do you do when a customer hasn't paid the invoice and it's 90 days past due? Get on the phone? Send another letter? Send the boys in? ZenCash is a payment accounting application designed for small businesses that covers all your accounting processes from the original invoice right through to the rather painful 90 day last resort call in order to get the invoice paid.   The idea for ZenCash originated when founder and CEO Brandon Cotter, a six-time serial entrepreneur, once found himself unable to make payroll at his small business due to unpaid invoices. He spent hours calling ...  More

ZenCash May 15th 2012

Find out who's importing the good stuff

With the employment situation the way it has been for the last few years it's no wonder there are more and more people out there looking for new opportunities or trying to hold onto and improve on what they have got. Importing and exporting is an option that can't be ignored. Buy from one country - sell to another that wants it or sell to stores in your own country. Sicex is an online database that lists imports and exports to and from 26 different countries allowing you to analyze your competition or find out where to get that set of flying Elvis ornaments that you know you can sell a ...  More

Sicex May 9th 2012

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