Creativity apps

Artist's Eye

Do you want to draw and paint but lack the skills? Learning to draw develops observational ...  More

android draw creativity

Dec 6th 2015


Visiting India? Or interested in its ancient monuments? Wish to travel cheaper without depriving ...  More

android creative creativity

Jun 24th 2015


Filtux is a small and lightweight (under 1 MB) and simple photo effect app. But despite the file ...  More

creativity images photo

May 24th 2015


Readbug is a digital service for independent magazines. With more than 170 issues available, ...  More

creativity entertainment magazine

May 11th 2015

Innovation Cloud

Innovation Cloud is forever free online Idea management software. With intuitive design, it ...  More

web brainstorming collaboration

Apr 6th 2015


Stickerlicious is a small online shop for minimalist designed macbook stickers. All stickers ...  More

art creativity design

Mar 3rd 2015

Color Bits

Ever seen great colors in a boring subject? You can extract all of these great color bits ...  More

art create creative

Feb 26th 2015


Fostr is a new way to share the creative projects you've always wanted to finish! There are ...  More

creativity mobile social

Feb 21st 2015

Frutty Catch

Delve into this funny, addictive and colorful fruity adventure! Help Kenji, Amy and their ...  More

android create creative

Feb 8th 2015


We’ve just created where we want to try to completely crowd source ...  More

creativity crowdsourcing read

Jan 17th 2015

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