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Take Sales to Another Level

If your business still relies on handwritten telephone notes for recording new enquiries then the chances are you’re missing out on quite a few opportunities. Add to that the fact that every note needs recording and then most importantly followed up and you can probably begin to see the picture.   More

Lead Zeppelin is a good looking app with great features that lets you not only record new business leads but also makes sure they are dealt with in the most efficient way possible by letting you filter them into status and urgency.  More

Lead Zeppelin Dec 19th 2009

Organise Today, Plan for Tomorrow

If you are a small to medium sized business you will be well aware of the need to be better organized and in control of customer relations, appointment scheduling and reporting. Malinko is a cost efficient business schedule and customer relations management tool for the mobile that let's you solve your organizational problems without having to install any complicated software.     If you are struggling with a combination of whiteboards, spreadsheets, a calendar and a few packets of post-it notes to manage your important appointments and customer records now is the time to ...  More

Malinko Job Scheduling & CRM Oct 28th 2011

E-Mail Tracking, Analytics and Templating

When it comes to starting a business it’s hard enough to find the time to get all the ducks in line before it launches let alone after. Throughout all of this activity the one thing you must continue to do is spread the word and market, market, market!  More

Of course these days the use of email is ever increasing but even that can be time consuming with a long list of recipients basically getting the same message. The other issue of course is once you’ve hit send a hundred times how do you know who’s read it and for those that have how does the response stack up to previous efforts?  More

Toutapp Jun 23rd 2011

Client service, simplified

Any app that helps introduce some organization to a business’s processes has to be a good thing and when it relates to customer service then all the better.   More can tidy up that often overlooked area that has for many years relied on notepads and a fair bit of luck in respect of whether the note can actually be found at the end of the day. With a good level of collaboration attached to it and the ability to access the system on the move, customer requests and queries need never be forgotten about again and better still be dealt with in an efficient and professional manner.   More

VentureBox Assist Jul 18th 2011

Create, Send, archive commission statements to sales teams

Time is money! Anything that can save your precious time by cutting your workload has got to be a great thing. It you are a Customer Relations Manager you need all the help you can get but generally, in small to mid size businesses, there's only one of you. OneClick is a finance and management tool that helps you to edit, organize and manage sales commission statements with ee and simplicity saving you time and money.   OneClick statements by Nirvaha Corporation is an online service that generates reports and statements for sales representatives, management and payroll. Nirvaha has ...  More

OneClick Apr 13th 2011

Help Desk Software

When you've got something like 30,000 organizations of all shapes and sizes using your customer support services it's clear you are in the upper echelon of online help. Kayak is one of the world's top helpdesk and customer engagement groups and their aim is to help organizations build better customer support and to work better as a team.   Kayako is a customer relations management tool filled with powerful business tools to help your business fulfill its passion for customer support and its expert workers will help you create elegant and powerful web applications to do the job and ...  More

Kayako Apr 28th 2011

Online Web CRM Software On Demand

This CRM system from Sutisoft Inc. looks to have all the bases covered in respect of marketing, customer, sales and analytics management.   More

If you’re looking to generate sales from email marketing campaigns then the necessary templates are there for you to spread your message. If the campaign is subsequently successful the leads can be tracked in fine detail through to close.  More

SutiCRM Sep 26th 2011

Online Invoicing from Sage is a free quote, invoice and payment application for freelancers and small businesses that has all the functions you’d expect to see in a very smart and user friendly layout.  More

Account setup is simple and quick and once all of your customer details are entered you’re ready to raise your first invoice.   More

Billing Boss Dec 5th 2009

Customer Help Desk & Support Solution

This addition to the Sutisoft stable of business apps is as the name suggests all about talking to each other. And whilst it could be used for all manner of two-way discussion purposes its most obvious use is as a customer support helpdesk.   More

The thing that annoys customers most apart from a perceived lack of interest in their problem is an easily traceable correspondence trail that tracks the issue from when it begins to when it’s resolved.   More

SutiTalk Sep 26th 2011

Social Q&A for your Site

Oh I gettit. Degree give someone the third Q&A for your site. It took me a while. There are quite a few feedback tools for websites around. Some of them gather their data with almost subliminal ease while some just go for the jugular. Degree 3 is of the latter persuasion and it's main claim to fame is that it gives your users the easiest way to ask questions and share what they know about your site or product!   According to research, most users are more inclined to respond to a simple and direct question and answer format than in forums or asking them to ...  More

Degree3 Sep 15th 2011

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