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Smart Donor managment

If you run a church, charity or non-profit organization and receive donations from a variety of sources then this is the site for you.   More provides exactly what the title says. The scope of functions available covers every aspect of donor management and provides fundraising tools that allow you to cast your net wider and increase that all- important level of income.   More

Donor Tools Jun 28th 2010

Make your customers smile

Dear Friends,  More

When we founded Assistly in 2009, we had a dream of bringing awesomely responsive customer support tools to the millions of businesses confronted with the challenges created by new social, mobile, global technologies.     More

Assistly Dec 9th 2009

Collaborate with Clients, Leads, and Employees. Track Expenses, Projects, and Time.

Perhaps the name of this app should have the prefix “huge” attached to it as that’s what immediately springs to mind at first glance. A vast number of functions covering almost everything you’ll ever need to run your business from anywhere in the world although I couldn’t find anywhere where it said it makes the coffee.   More

Web Suite Pro Jun 22nd 2010

The best FREE way to run your business.

It’s difficult to know where to start reviewing this one given the sheer number of apps available on one site. The best way perhaps is to imagine a perfect world where every possible aspect of running your business is covered by an easy to use application and then see how it stacks up against it.   More

Apptivo Jul 7th 2011

CRM + Projects + Billing

WORKetc does it all… online project management, CRM, billing and more.  More

WORKetc is a business management software that is affordable, simple to use - and it's easy to sign up too!  When you go to the signup page you sign up for a 14 day trial by entering just a few details.  One note about the signup process... If you sign up from the main page, it will ask for a 'Partner Code' and the box has a required symbol next to it.  If no one referred you, you can leave it blank and still sign up – so it’s not actually required.  Small annoyance, and actually the only problem I've seen with the site.  More

WORKetc Apr 22nd 2008


TeleCRM is a tele-calling , sales CRM and automation app. It has got a ton of features and ...  More

software crm android

Feb 26th 2022


Zendo is a platform that lets businesses handle customer requests in one place. Zendo helps sell ...  More

workflows sales marketing

Oct 29th 2021

DBC - Digital Business Card

DBC is an App which turns your contacts into a platform for building relationships and growing ...  More

network business contact

Aug 18th 2021


Direct Access to Quality B2B Leads Connect directly with your ideal leads, build your pipeline, ...  More

leadgen marketing crm

Jun 27th 2021


What’s really strange is that people love buying things, but they hate being sold to. Well ...  More

saas b2b saas b2b

May 12th 2021

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