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Crowd source your building projects from thousands of architects worldwide

With our lifestyle channels now filled with building and home improvement design shows like Grand Designs there has naturally been a swing back towards building and designing your own homes over the last few years. But one of the hardest things to find (and one of the most expensive) is a good architect. CoContest is a architectural design crowd sourcing application that will host design contests to find the best design for your renovation project. You can set the specifications for your project and even set the reward for the winning artist.   CoContest is a crowdsourcing platform ...  More

CoContest Aug 27th 2012

A conceptual social experiment with debates and discussions

I'm not quite sure of the underlying meaning of an app like Nageshny although I can totally see how it would appeal to some of the more creative thinkers out there. Nageshny could be called a crowd sourcing app and has its origins in the Arab world where it is not quite as easy to get ones point across as it is in less turbulent parts of the world. It considers itself to be a social experiment where users can debate and discuss specific issues and even back their argument up with photographic and video evidence before other members vote to see who wins. Awfully democratic, don't you think, ...  More

Naqeshny Aug 6th 2012

Find out and comment on political issues that affect us all

Try to ignore it if you like but politics are more a part of all our lives these days than ever before. What Obama and Romney do and say is plastered all over our newspapers, the Internet and TV screens that it's impossible to ignore the issues that come up. So how do you form your opinions as to who is the best candidate and the issues and positions you believe in. Politix is a free news and politics application that delivers polls and crowd sourcing information so you can make the best and most informed decisions about who should be running the country.   Politix is a fun and easy ...  More

Politix Jun 9th 2012

How to fund, sell and develop your app

The New Appsplit claims that it has a newly improved platform that will change the entire apps industry. Well I don't know about that but it will certainly encourage some new people to get involved. So how will it go about this radical change, you may ask? The idea behind it is to provide a place where you can possibly get budding entrepreneurial types to either fund your brilliant new app idea or buy it off you completely. This free crowd sourcing application is a marketplace for ideas for the next big app where developers and money men can peruse each other till their hearts content. ...  More

the new appsplit Jun 5th 2012

When do you think the price of gas will hit five bucks a gallon?

There's always one person in your group of friends who seems to have an opinion on everything. Who's going to win the election? Who's going to win the game? Is Prince Harry really Charles' son? Hang on, how did that get in there? Correctnicity is a crowdsourcing news prediction application that let's you predict the outcome of any number of events to see how accurate they turn out to be. Not only will Correctnicity measure the king or queen of predictions it will also increase your knowledge of whats going on in the world.   All of us make predictions everyday, but until now there ...  More

Correctnicity Mar 24th 2012

A video dictionary of words and phrases that could be the next Pinterest

Potential! Vifinition Video Dictionary has heaps of it. This video sharing application takes video crowdsourcing in a slightly different direction by redefining the way we perceive words and phrases in our search mechanisms. Rather than relying solely on our tried and tested methods of the search engine, Vifinition turns the video search on its head by relying on the urban dictionary concept of finding interesting videos and adds a great element of fun to it, too. If I said the word fiasco to you - how would you define it as a piece of video art?   Vifinition introduces a new ...  More

Vifinition Video Dictionary Mar 20th 2012

Put your money where your green mouth is

GreenUnite gives you the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. Here is a creative crowd sourcing application for the budding entrepreneur who wishes to invest his money in an enterprise that is green in nature and creating products for a more sustainable world. It opens up the pathways for passionate people to suggest new green projects and green thinking entrepreneurs who want to fund them.   GreenUnite is a revolutionary crowdfunding and educational platform focused on helping to launch important products, technology and content dedicated to creating a more sustainable ...  More

GreenUnite Feb 19th 2012

Brainstorming, crowdsourcing, cash prizes

Sometimes you are too close to a problem to see a way to solve it. That's the point when you really do need your friends to act as a sounding board. You'd think they would be able to come up with an answer, wouldn't you. Well how about if you had hundreds of friends to act as that sounding board? CrowdStormer is a crowdsourcing app that pitches your question to the crowd and receive ideas and responses on how to improve, enhance or solve your problem.  More

Crowdstormer Nov 28th 2011

Flu Tracking - Influenza Crowdsourcing

For the oldest and youngest amongst us flu season spells danger. That's why so many people rush out and get flu jabs every year. For the rest of us it's a week of misery and aches and pains and expensive trips to the doctor and days off work. Not a pleasant thought. As my old mum used to say, prevention is better than cure and how right that is. If you could see where pockets of influenza were occurring it might be an idea not to go there. TrackFlu is a health and crowdsourcing tool that logs in map form just where NOT to go to avoid people with the dreaded disease.  More

TrackFlu Nov 23rd 2011

WiFi Map

Connect to WiFi for Free around the world! WiFi Map is the largest Wi-Fi community in the ...  More

connection internet wifi

Feb 17th 2018

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