Crowdsourcing apps


Parcl is a community-based shopping concierge and delivery system. We pair up "shoppers" in ...  More

crowdsourcing ecommerce share

Apr 29th 2015


Draft is a crowdsourced investment analysis tool that changes the way people view, think and ...  More

finance crowdsourcing investment

Apr 20th 2015


Discover cool startups and get company stock for adopting products early. RocketClub is a ...  More

crowdsourcing marketing marketplace

Apr 4th 2015


Twenny lets people know how busy or quiet any location is. Find the crowd or avoid the crowd. ...  More

chat community crowdsourcing

Mar 10th 2015


Wrapify is the easiest way to make money on the road short of finding it in the street. A ...  More

advertising crowdsourcing

Mar 7th 2015


Subbit saves buyers time and money by bringing together a community of users who want to help ...  More

fashion & beauty product recommendation

Feb 28th 2015

Wink Mobile Workforce

Wink lets brands create a mobile workforce using their staff and customers to give feedback ...  More

crowdsourcing feedback

Feb 10th 2015


Angelbacker is a website where anyone can discover cool startups and get company stock for ...  More

crowdsourcing internet marketing

Feb 9th 2015


crowdshare is an open community where users can share their digital creations and receive ...  More

art crowdsourcing design

Jan 23rd 2015


Krowdster is the first big data powered and cloud hosted marketing and analytics software to ...  More


Jan 19th 2015

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