Crowdsourcing apps


Capture the knowledge of prediction markets to get a glimpse of geopolitical and economic events ...  More

community crowdsourcing media

Sep 28th 2014


Criticl operates as a democratic and social newsroom. Both the prevalence of certain stories and ...  More

create crowdsourcing interactive

Sep 25th 2014


ChooZzer – is the best application which allows to ask your friends or someone from the world ...  More

answer questions crowdsourcing

Sep 5th 2014


Newslines pays writers $1/post to summarize newsworthy events about any topic that combine into ...  More

crowdsourcing news social

Aug 18th 2014


Krowdprize The Platform for Crowd-funded Innovation Competitions. Submit an innovation ...  More

crowdsourcing fundraising

Jul 7th 2014


Please Donate Global Charities, NGO, Personal Causes | Donate- Children Education, Food, Health, ...  More

charity community crowdsourcing

Jun 10th 2014


Spectafy delivers photos of the places you care about from our crowdsourced ...  More

community crowdsourcing location

Jun 4th 2014


"An endless flying game in which players explore the school as Tipper and Pippa, navigating a ...  More

android crowdsourcing game

May 28th 2014

Crowdfunding Booster

While building Joyinapp ( we've created a side project which makes it ...  More


May 13th 2014


Get actionable feedback on your website. UsersThink takes all the headaches out of trying to ...  More

crowdsourcing feedback usability

May 10th 2014

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