Crowdsourcing apps


MySetlist is a new way for artists and fans to interact at concerts around the world by ...  More

music crowdsourcing

Apr 15th 2014

Backpack Technologies

Backpack is a peer-to-peer platform that connects travelers and shoppers to give everyone access ...  More

crowdsourcing shopping travel

Apr 8th 2014


Through technological tools and advances, we are creating an intuitive online platform that ...  More

crowdsourcing design interactive

Mar 16th 2014


WorldCraze is a CrowdShopping platform which connects people willing to buy items at the lowest ...  More

collaboration crowdsourcing share

Mar 15th 2014


Equaldex is a collaborative LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights website aimed at ...  More

collaboration community crowdsourcing

Mar 1st 2014


KeeSkill is a crowdsourcing platform with an academic approach giving young individuals the ...  More

career academic software crowdsourcing

Dec 17th 2013


Quindo is the new way to ask and answer questions on-the-go. Be part of a global community where ...  More

community knowledge learning

Dec 7th 2013


POEditor is an easy to use online translation platform designed for collaborative software ...  More

collaboration crowdsourcing saas

Dec 4th 2013

Crowd Status enables you to ask any question and get unbiased feedback in a secure ...  More

tracking crowdsourcing

Nov 26th 2013


The Internet of Things probably already influences your life. And if it doesn’t, it soon will. ...  More

crowdsourcing internet marketplace

Nov 24th 2013

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