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Equaldex is a collaborative LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights website aimed at ...  More

collaboration community crowdsourcing

Mar 1st 2014


KPI Watchdog is an online tool for monitoring your key business metrics independently of the ...  More

alerts analytics business

Feb 18th 2014


Meet new friends and stay updated with your favorite events has never been so easy. Calling ...  More

web android business

Dec 22nd 2013


Why spend your money on expensive PDA terminal barcode? Barcode-x is a free App for business ...  More

business database management

Dec 8th 2013


We offer means for online entrepreneurs to sustain quality marketing campaigns. Whether you ...  More

data cloud database

Nov 17th 2013


Our volunteer management software helps nonprofit organizations recruit, retain, and manage ...  More

database non profit saas

Nov 9th 2013


Knack makes it easy for anyone to build an online database, with no code required! You can ...  More

cloud database saas

Oct 31st 2013


Fully integrated business management system for small businesses. 1. Grow your business ...  More

business crm database

Oct 8th 2013

CloudBase Inventory Management Software

CloudBase Inventory Management, as the name implies, puts your inventory in the cloud. There is ...  More

business accounting cloud

Sep 27th 2013


StatYourself is an online tool that allows you to describe in detail all the things that you can ...  More

career database job

Aug 8th 2013

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