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Big Savings + Cash Back!

If you shop online, and let’s face it who doesn’t these days, then any opportunity to get discounts and cash back is going to be a welcome bonus.   More

This isn’t the only site offering coupon and cash back functions but there can never be enough of them as far as I’m concerned. Add to that the fact that the more sites there are the more chances of your favourite online store being included increase it becomes a win- win situation.  More Apr 18th 2011

You search. You click. You save. It's simple.

There are people out there that make it almost a full-time occupation to search the newspapers for coupons and deals from their favorite stores. There have been reports of people following the paperboy as he delivered the morning papers and stealing the insert of discounts and promo codes before anyone could get their hands on them. uDealium saves you the indignity of following the paperboy with its search engine that instantly finds the newest coupons, deals, codes and discounts from hundreds of top stores.     Their motto is You search. You click. You save. It’s ...  More

uDealium Nov 4th 2011

Coupons Made Easy

When it comes to marketing and promotion it seems that the old coupon method is still a big favourite with the public. Of course these days you don’t just see them in newspapers and magazines surrounded by dotted lines and the symbol for a pair of scissors, they come at you electronically too.  More

Coupontank Jun 16th 2011

Social networking meets social payments

I imagine the invite list for the launch of this app is fairly long given the quality of the presentation and the apparent ease of use of each feature. Its uniqueness will also not go unnoticed. Using social networking at its base ShareNPay will allow users to activate many functions on their mobile phones without the need to constantly open and close others.  More

ShareNPay Oct 8th 2011

Save Shop Discover

The phrase “cash back” is always a great eye catcher and in these tough financial times is probably the first tag line on most marketing advisors lips.   More

Sign up to Zestii and you basically join a club that has a list of member stores, or partners as they’re referred to, where you can get cash back if you make a purchase via the site. With over 200 partners ranging from Bloomingdales to Nautica, most shopping needs are well catered for.  More

Zestii Mar 24th 2011

Cash back on your purchases and your recommendations

This looks like a fairly easy way to earn cashback rewards when you shop online and an impressive list of participating stores hopefully means you won’t have to do a lot of trawling around to find an outlet you like.  More

The mechanics are simple and require you to log on to the site using your Facebook, Yahoo or Google account. A welcome indicator at the top of the screen will confirm you’re connected in the right way. After that just click on the relevant link for the deal you’re interested in, make the purchase as you would on any online store and leave to sort out the corresponding rewards.  More Apr 22nd 2011

Shopping made Simple

Zenkau's philosophy is simple. Their mission is to simplify the shopping experience. Zenkau is an online deal shopping tool that let's you find the products you want at the lowest possible prices online no matter whether you are buying globally or locally. With our lives becoming busier and busier and our hard earned dollars being stretched to the limit it's becoming more and more important to get the best deals that are out there.   Zenkau is a cutting-edge comparison shopping site. It lets you find products you want at the lowest price across both online and local 'High Street' ...  More

Zenkau Aug 25th 2011

How To Shop Smartly

How Do To Do: Smart Shopping Engine is virtually the online equivalent of what a high street department store would call price matching. While on the one hand this shopping tool has a huge number of great shopping products on the 'shelves' for perusal, it will also hunt for a better price if you don't like the one on offer. Then it will send you an email when it finds the best price.   This Smart Shopping Engine is here to find pretty well anything you want to purchase. Not only that but it searches for the best quality product, the best price and the best shipping cost. How To Shop ...  More

Smart Shopping Engine Sep 15th 2011

Incredible Deals at Great Orlando Restaurants

OrlandoDiningDeals is pretty well what it says it is. If you live in or near Orlando in Florida you'll know how many restaurants there are down there. Or maybe you're just visiting. Disneyland calling you? So of that vast amount of restaurants wouldn't you like to see where you can get the best deal  and find out more about the place you might be eaten in?   This email food deal tool finds all the best restaurants in beautiful Orlando and brings you the best deal possible from them. It does this by negotiating great deals directly with the restaurants and then delivers them to ...  More Sep 2nd 2011

Daily Deals Meet Event Planning with Bettervite

There's so many ways these days to sell your product. While the power of the shopping experience is beginning to diminish shopping on the Internet is flourishing. But there's nothing better than word-of-mouth to get your product moving. So how about if you could combine the two? Bettervite is a business shopping and sharing social networking tool with a difference. With Bettervite you can plan an advertising campaign around your daily deal and then coordinate the event by informing your friends and potential customers to optimize your profits.  More

Bettervite Sep 8th 2011

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