Deal apps

Trips idea

Trips idea searches hundreds of travel sites to get the best travel deals on things to do, ...  More

adventure deal travel

Apr 16th 2015


Ueata – A web app aims to help foodies who wants to try various restaurants including ...  More

coupons deal food

Mar 22nd 2015


ImWithBob provides instant deals in real-time get anywhere up to 50% or more off your ...  More

deal dining out local

Feb 6th 2015

Five Dollar Or

"Five Dollar Or" shows you the best stuff in one place that you can buy for only 5 dollar or ...  More

deal money shopping

Feb 1st 2015


Endorsevent is an online platform that allows consumers to list major events (weddings, bar ...  More

advertising deal ecommerce

Dec 4th 2014


CouponHunt finds you the most popular deals from your favorite retailers. We publish a ...  More

community coupons deal

Nov 26th 2014


We establish partnership with bars, pubs and nightclubs in the UK (currently in London and ...  More

deal drink online

Nov 24th 2014

MallTip App

Malltip provides information about deals, stores and maps for 1000+ malls in the United States. ...  More

deal shopping

Oct 18th 2014


Madpiggy is a catchy name, as thought by the founders for its unique, first of its kind ...  More

deal promotions android

Sep 30th 2014


No more googling or looking for lowest prices, coupons, deals or discounts. All of it is ...  More

android coupons deal

Aug 31st 2014

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