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Color information for web designers

If you are a web designer or work in digital colors on the Internet this design tool will be a big help to you when attempting to match one color to it's exact equivalent in a different format. You could say a green is a green but there are so many shadings and nuances of green, of course, that picking one in a different format by eye is not the easiest thing in the word - especially if your client has based their whole advertising campaign around that color and you've come up with what looks like the right shade. Without using a color design tool like Color Hexa your incorrect color is ...  More

Color Hexa Jan 12th 2012

Customize your Facebook Timeline page

As those of you with accounts will know, Facebook is changing the way you are viewed with the introduction of it's new Timeline. If you haven't got it yet then just search inside for the Introducing Timeline link and all will be revealed. But you know what its like when you move into a new want to make it more...YOU! Facebook Timeline Cover Maker is a free application not unlike Cool Mojito that customizes your page to the way that YOU want it with cool graphics and design.  More

Facebook Timeline Cover Maker Jan 9th 2012

Get your art reviewed - or review others' efforts

For those of you who have an artistic bent but are yet to be discovered by the great art buyers of the world then this site will probably tick most of your boxes. If you’re an avid sketcher, prefer water colors or even dabble in oils then you can upload your masterpieces and get them critiqued by your peers out there. If your preferred artistic medium is photography there is room for that on Piccte as well. It’s all about points of course and you have to earn them. To kick things off all new members are given sufficient points to enable them to post two pieces of ...  More

Pictte Dec 24th 2011

Create, buy & sell in an online marketplace

I've had this great idea that I've been mulling over for the last few years to design and make sets of those cool retro flying ducks to hang on the kitchen wall like your grandparents used to have when you were a kid. But where do you sell them? On eBay? Create a Facebook page? Design a website for your product? All those things are good but really, the place you would be most likely to find flying ducks for sale would probably be the weekend market. Kraftwurx is kinda like an online market place where you can create and sell or buy bespoke and custom made items designed by people just ...  More

Kraftwurx Dec 22nd 2011

Drag and drop form builder with style

Creating bespoke web forms seems easy at first. The HTML side of things is pretty easy but as soon as you start adding a bit of style to things it starts to turn into a lengthy, laborious and time consuming task. FormBakery is an easy-to-use business app that helps you create effective and stylish web forms with the minimum of fuss and bother. FormBakery is a simple and very easy to use form generator with no sign up required. It generates human readable code, semantically marked up HTML, javascript validation, PHP server side validation and CSS for well designed forms with a drag and ...  More

FormBakery Dec 6th 2011

Facebook fan page design app that covers all the bases

I don't think i've ever seen a Facebook Fan Page design app quite as comprehensive as this one. It almost astonishes me with the amount of content it contains. iFrameTab is, quite simply, a cut above many and a seriously cost effective way of designing your pages and making them look like a million dollars. And what's more, you don't have to have a degree in web design to do it. In fact, you could give the job to the cleaning lady and she'd have a hard job messing it up.  More

IframeTab Dec 4th 2011

The wine list is on the Ipad provided, Sir...

Just a gimmick or the way forward? I’m not sure but then I’m still a lover of paperback books that you can fold in half as you lay on your sunbed next to the pool! I’ve yet to be persuaded about the merits of the tablet when it comes to reading material but that’s just an age thing. This app takes the concept of the electronic book into the restaurant and in particular in respect of the wine menu. With the aid of an iPad or I should say several iPads, depending on the size of your restaurant, you can now have your entire wine menu displayed on screen and with ...  More

iPad wine menu MOLHO.CO Nov 29th 2011

Create your Corporate Identity Online - Designers On-Tap

When you consider some of the iconic company logos around today it not often you stop and think about the thought that went into producing them. They simply identify a business without the need to accompany it with the actual name and that says an awful lot for the design skills behind them.  More

Logolance Nov 28th 2011

Easily create a website for your restaurant

Any restaurant worth their salt these days has a website (excuse the pun) and there are enough good reasons for that. People hardly buy anything these days without first checking it out on the internet and where to eat is no exception.Anybody travelling any distance to a town or city, maybe for the first time, is also very likely to surf around prior to departure for an establishment that caters both for their taste and their budget (sorry, another pun!).Whether you run a simple diner or hanker after a more fine dining clientele then can provide you ...  More

EZFOODIE Nov 25th 2011

Hire Top Designers

Do you look at other companies' expensive design projects and wish they were available to your company too? Basically, they are just too expensive for a smaller company to afford. Or are they? BrandNinjas is a team of experienced and very professional graphic designers who have got together to form the business design and contest tool BrandNinjas and deliver quality design work at an affordable price. is the brainchild of professional graphic designers who have honed their craft within design firms and ad agencies and build brands for companies large, small and in ...  More

BrandNinjas Nov 11th 2011

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