Development apps is the first website dedicated to designers and developers looking for high ...  More

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Frightening. Disturbing. Hilarious. Provocative. Meet Dreamception, the new mobile app that ...  More

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Mobiles App Store

Using our Mobiles App Store gives you an opportunity for tapping in to one of the most advanced ...  More

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Easy Streak

Easy Streak provides a platform to play various types of sports contests for free! Contests have ...  More

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Scrumbot is your agile assistant for Slack and HipChat. Let Scrumbot gather data from your team ...  More

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CrocoSite is a WordPress website creation and management tool that will give you your time back. ...  More

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Jixee is a software development hub that connects your favorite task and communication tools ...  More

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MyCrowd QA

MyCrowd QA has 25,000 testers in the US and around the world who compete to find bugs on ...  More

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Saverize lets you see all your upcoming, recurring payments for online services you've ...  More

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WP Pusher

WP Pusher aims to take the pain out of WordPress development. It lets you deploy themes and ...  More

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