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Unlimited Private Git Repository Hosting

Repodrop is somewhere that developers and designers can host their private Git repositories in a safe and secure place whilst only paying for the storage space they use. For one very low price they can host as many repositories as they  like and share them with as many collaborators as they wish. Repodrop is a storage and collaboration tool that's a cost effective way to host all the repositories needed.     RepoDrop offers developers and designers everywhere a simple, secure and affordable service to host their Git repositories remotely. Repodrop is an east to use ...  More

repodrop Sep 19th 2011

Communicate. Collaborate. Do more.

It would be nice if you could take your office wherever you went and were able to interact, communicate and collaborate wherever you could get Internet access, wouldn't it? CompanyConcert is a project management collaboration tool for teams of all sizes that will work for you whether you are in the office, at home or even commuting.     CompanyConcert is a one stop virtual office for web-based communication and collaboration for teams of all sizes. Whether you’re in the office, at home or commuting, CompanyConcert is available wherever you have internet access. It ...  More

CompanyConcert Jun 21st 2010

Electronic Filing Cabinet - Scan to the Cloud!

Weren't computers meant to signal the end of the paper trail? I'm sure we all believe it but somehow every business and every home is drowning in the paper copies of things we can't bear to dispose of. I guess  we don't really trust our computers to store important documents without the possibility of losing them. PaperAct is a very clever document storage and share tool that can also organize all your important documents safely and securely with full access available 24/7.   PaperAct is a cloud document storage tool that allows you to file and retrieve your important (and not so ...  More

PaperAct Oct 3rd 2011

One click website backup solution.

If you are a small business SnatchCode is a simple solution to any backup problems you may have with your website. With just one click you can forget about high priced services and complicated software with this handy domain storage tool for as little as US$7 per month for most businesses. With SnatchCode a person has to just provide his FTP details and click the “Backup Now” button in his SnatchCode dashboard and that’s it! The system will automatically fetch the users website backup and make it available for download in his SnatchCode dashboard.   SnatchCode is a ...  More

SnatchCode Oct 1st 2011

<3 to share files

Catchy name, huh! is free storage share tool that allows you to save and share information with others on the net by giving links to download it. It's a fast and exceptionally easy way to store some of the volume of information we receive online that seems to grow by the minute. Once you've completed the rapid fast registration you can login, upload files and create links to share them within a couple of clicks. is a file hosting and file sharing service along the lines of the popular Dropbox. Not only can you save information but you can also share it with others ...  More - free file hosting Sep 14th 2011

Channel your media! All your media. Multiple channels. One service.

If you are anything like me you'll have heaps of your favorite digital multimedia spread over the many different computers in the house. The precious family photos and home movies are on the computer, I've got my favorite music on my iPad and smart phone. Then there's the movies on the hard drive, the CD/DVD ROM's not to mention the stuff I've still got on my laptop. MeeChannel is the perfect way to organize all of your multimedia in channels in one place and accessible at the click of a button.   MeeChannel is a very cool looking free tool that sorts your multimedia into various ...  More

meechannel Sep 14th 2011


Bublup is the one place you can save anything you want - store links, files, photos, GIFs, ...  More

cloud bookmarking organization


Build an intelligent workplace where remote teams connect, communicate, and collaborate at any ...  More

saas workplace extranet

LOOK DIgital Signage

LOOK - Digital Signage Software . Easiest web-based digital signage software. Remotely ...  More

digital signage android

Profile DBC

A professionally developed mobile application that allows users to share their entire digital ...  More

connecting digital business card ios

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