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Send messages to your future

Just think how popular you would become if you remembered all the important events coming up over the next year or so. Firstly, of course, you'd never miss a birthday again. Maybe you you need a reminder on the earliest date you could purchase those tickets for the big festival before they sell out. Or maybe you could use Remind2.me as a business tool and schedule all your customer greetings messages for the major holidays for the year to come. This email reminder tool fulfills all those services and more.     Remind2.me is a free email reminder service where you can ...  More

Remind2.me Oct 16th 2011

Questions Done Quick

Qidiq is a ruthlessly efficient and seriously fast way of collecting feedback and information from all the groups whose opinions you value the most. In an interesting piece of response marketing they have developed a technique that makes it as much of an effort to delete or ignore an email as it is to answer a simple question. Hence, the response rates are much much higher.   Qidiq is a simple mobile and email feedback tool for Android and iPhone that asks a group of people pertinent questions in real time. Respondents answer via email, a web interface, or an iPhone app, usually with ...  More

qidiq Oct 16th 2011

Send or Receive Free Fax Online

Let's face it, pretty well every one of us has an email address these days. That's not quite the fact with a fax machine though. I've lost count of the number of times someone has said to me that they'll just fax the information to me. I don't have a fax. So how can I get a fax sent via email to my computer or mobile phone? It's simple. FaxDesk is a cost effective Android and iPhone email tool that allows customers to either send or receive faxes via their email.     FaxDesk provides local fax numbers in any of the 30 countries of your choice for 24 hours to send or receive ...  More

FaxDesk Oct 7th 2011

Save now, Decide Later

I've lost count of the number of concert tickets I've missed out on because I've put the email or newsletter with its details in my "I'll deal with that later." That basically means my 'keep' box in my email or on top of that big pile of papers on my desk. Tentative.ly is a bookmarking email event alert tool that installs a designated bookmarklet (I love that word) and you can start adding events to your list from your favorite sites straight away.   The way we go to events has changed dramatically these days. In the past it was easy to just turn up to an event, pay your money and ...  More

Tentative.ly Sep 22nd 2011

Restaurant Jobs, Served up Daily

Any actors out there? This one's for you I think. WyckWyre is food job search tool that'll put actors into their other vocation in life - restaurant jobs.   It's different and much more proactive and specific than most other employment sites, though. WyckWyre gives you the choice of searching their job boards for restaurant positions or, if you register, it will send you details of local restaurant jobs into your email box.   Wyckwyre is an intelligent restaurant job search alert tool that serves potential job positions right in to your inbox. The choice is yours whether you ...  More

WyckWyre Sep 26th 2011

Expenses tracking "Kong-Fu"

I like an app that doesn’t pretend to be everything to everyone and piggybelt.com tells it straight. As a simple expenses recorder it does exactly what it says on the tin.  More

By using your mobile phone as an expenses notebook you simply enter expenses in a simple format as and when they occur and text the details to piggybelt. An example of this would be - #30 children’s clothing shoes - which would add $30 to you children’s clothing category along with a note to specify the item. Of course you can also email them or access the website from your mobile or desktop browser.   More

PiggyBelt Apr 18th 2011

Wait, who just 'friended' my child?

If you pick up any newspaper these days you will see stories about children being approached online through their social network. There's also the constant threat of cyber bullying on the net. So how can we monitor our children's online activity without appearing to be a Big Brother in their lives? Creep Squash is a Facebook application that emails you a list of friends old and new added you your child's account. There is also a 'red word flag' that warns of questionable conversations in messages and chat.   Creep Squash is a free Facebook security alert tool for kids that really ...  More

Creep Squash Sep 20th 2011

Incredible Deals at Great Orlando Restaurants

OrlandoDiningDeals is pretty well what it says it is. If you live in or near Orlando in Florida you'll know how many restaurants there are down there. Or maybe you're just visiting. Disneyland calling you? So of that vast amount of restaurants wouldn't you like to see where you can get the best deal  and find out more about the place you might be eaten in?   This email food deal tool finds all the best restaurants in beautiful Orlando and brings you the best deal possible from them. It does this by negotiating great deals directly with the restaurants and then delivers them to ...  More

OrlandoDiningDeals.com Sep 2nd 2011

Stop forgetting! Remember to FollowUp.

FollowUp.cc is a really good concept for what is essentially a straightforward reminder service. The beauty of this app is that it effortlessly blends into existing technology that we all know and use day in and day out - the humble email. Therefore it is wonderfully simple to use, even for non-techno minded folk. Basically you copy the FollowUp people into any emails by using their email address and designating a time you want to be reminded about that email - for example [email protected] Once you've familiarized yourself with the basic concept it's really easy to adopt their system into ...  More

FollowUp.cc Aug 22nd 2011

Talk online in privacy and anonmity.


 Have you ever wished that email and chat were more secure?  That's where Cloaklet comes in.    More

Cloaklet - Freedom Network Aug 17th 2011

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