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Free comparison shopping tool for movies and tv shows

Every single DVD retailer these days seems to have it's own pricing policy on individual titles. Some will use individual titles as a loss leader while some will buy large amounts of stock on a good selling title when it hits the right price. Yet quite often, if you just do a straight order on a specific title it will come back to you at the full list price. It makes far more sense to see who is selling it the cheapest at any given time without having to do all the leg work. Watchily compares the price and availability on the film you want with all the major retailers so you can choose the ...  More

Watchily Dec 3rd 2011

File search engine spidering 50+ uploading sites

While its oh-so-easy to use a search engine like Google to hunt for your files there sometimes comes a time when you want to be a little more specific. You know what I mean, don't you. Sometimes you don't want to see Google's version of what you are looking for but really want to get to the crux of the matter. FilesHut is a search engine that is designed to find files from over 50 specialized and popular uploading websites that will deliver the newest and most relevant content on the net.  More

FilesHut Dec 3rd 2011

Zopeo - people search that brings out the sleuth in you

Probably thanks to sites like Facebook and Ancestry going out of their way re-connect people with their past there has never been so much searching to find old friends and family members on the Internet. I've done it myself and it's not only a fascinatingly fun thing to do it also turns you into a potential Agatha Christie sleuth overnight. Zopeo is a people search app that acts as a Globel White Pages by helping you find people you have lost contact with no matter where they are and delivers your information all in the one place.  More

Zopeo Dec 3rd 2011

No-Brainer for Insurance Agents

If you run an insurance agency and are looking for a great professional looking website then I think Agents Method was probably good value for money even before addition of its lead management feature. Now it has this it’s starting to look like a no-brainer.A web presence is essential if you’re in the insurance game as hardly anyone these days commits to anything without first surfing the net. With the help of these guys you can now have a serious business website without the need to employ the technical brains to get it off the ground.Choose the look ...  More

AgentMethods Nov 26th 2011

Easily create a website for your restaurant

Any restaurant worth their salt these days has a website (excuse the pun) and there are enough good reasons for that. People hardly buy anything these days without first checking it out on the internet and where to eat is no exception.Anybody travelling any distance to a town or city, maybe for the first time, is also very likely to surf around prior to departure for an establishment that caters both for their taste and their budget (sorry, another pun!).Whether you run a simple diner or hanker after a more fine dining clientele then can provide you ...  More

EZFOODIE Nov 25th 2011

The perfect building contractor for your next job

If you're keen to avoid the cowboys out there when it comes to your home improvementproject or repair requirements then is certainly worth stopping by. The site works in a number of ways, as a search tool for listed contractors and also asa matching service putting customers with a specific need and budget in touch withappropriate service providers. It also acts as a great marketing site for contractors to gettheir name out there.  More

Buildzoom Nov 25th 2011

Find any moment, from any film, instantly.

Well the idea behind AnyClip is brilliant. Being able to locate and watch any moment from any movie instantaneously would be a really cool idea. It's certainly a pain to find a specific scene you want to see on the DVD unless it states it in the chapters. Chances are you might be able to find it on YouTube but we all know how long it can take to find the right scene in that minefield. AnyClIp is a movie search tool that let's you search for, find and watch your favorite clips from your favorite movies. What's more, you can do it fast and you can do it for free.     AnyClip ...  More

AnyClip Jan 13th 2010

The Movie Search Engine

Normally the information that Nanocrowd gives you would have come from the person down at your local video store. By getting to know your tastes the more diligent video store people will often recommend something to you that is similar to a film you just enjoyed. Unfortunately, the video store is almost a thing of the past now and that 'word of mouth'  recommendation isn't available to you anymore. That's where Nanocrowd comes in. It's the simplest of movie search tools that delivers excellent results. Type in the name of a movie, click on one of the mood buttons associated with that ...  More

Nanocrowd Apr 8th 2009

The Power of Choice

I don't know about you but when I go out looking for a new car I start off with this image in my head that there is one perfect car out there waiting for me to buy it. It usually takes me a good week to come to my senses and realize that there are several alternatives to the car of my dreams that are just as good if not better. That's when things get easier. is a great advice search tool to help you make those difficult decisions much less stressful and complex. It attracts all those who have to make a difficult choice and are not sure which option is best and also allows ...  More Sep 20th 2011

Big Savings + Cash Back!

If you shop online, and let’s face it who doesn’t these days, then any opportunity to get discounts and cash back is going to be a welcome bonus.   More

This isn’t the only site offering coupon and cash back functions but there can never be enough of them as far as I’m concerned. Add to that the fact that the more sites there are the more chances of your favourite online store being included increase it becomes a win- win situation.  More Apr 18th 2011

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