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You search. You click. You save. It's simple.

There are people out there that make it almost a full-time occupation to search the newspapers for coupons and deals from their favorite stores. There have been reports of people following the paperboy as he delivered the morning papers and stealing the insert of discounts and promo codes before anyone could get their hands on them. uDealium saves you the indignity of following the paperboy with its search engine that instantly finds the newest coupons, deals, codes and discounts from hundreds of top stores.     Their motto is You search. You click. You save. It’s ...  More

uDealium Nov 4th 2011

Video Search. One Stop Watching

CastTV was set up by a couple of entrepreneurs who found it hard to keep up with episodes of Survivor and The Super Bowl when they were away on holiday. CastTV has developed search technology that aggregates, indexes and presents data on millions of TV shows, movies, music videos, news and sports clips and viral videos from more than 1,000 web-video sources.   CastTV is a free online movie, tv and video search tool developed in San Francisco, California in 2006 by Edwin Ong and Alex Vikati and their services include a video search engine and the licensing of video search technology ...  More

CastTV Feb 19th 2009

Real-time subtitles search engine

Now here's a very useful movie site for the hearing impaired or non English speaking viewers. When I was running DVD stores it was a regular event for people to come in and ask if a certain film had subtitles in a specific language.  Sometimes because there was someone at home who was a bit deaf, sometimes because they didn't speak any English. Then there were the people who just wanted to learn a language by watching a movie. All those problems can be solved with the real time subtitle search engine TinySubs which grabs all the subtitles you'll ever need from countries all around the ...  More

TinySubs Feb 25th 2011

It takes fonts to have the best design

 It's funny but I was just saying the other day that I haven't seen too many font apps lately and here is a beauty. Whilst most office applications that probably came with your computer have a heap of default fonts installed. There's a couple of problems there though. Quite often, you can't actually see what the typeface looks like until you have it in your document. Secondly, there aren't those really cool and unusual fonts available to make your presentation something special. FontIneed has solved both those problems in one by having 50,000 fonts available including many ...  More

FontIneed Oct 26th 2011

A new way to create the web.

It can be a very expensive thing to put a website together. If it was cheap everybody would have done it by now, surely. Hang on...they just did. Accelsor is a very cool domain design tool that let's you create a stunning website in minutes without having to go through the whole rigmarole of designing, coding, prototyping and uploading your baby to your web server. It's buttonless real-time website creation at it's best.    With Accelsor you don’t waste time prototyping, coding, designing and uploading files to your web server. Accelsor is a domain design tool that lets ...  More

Accelsor Oct 14th 2011

World's First Risk-Free Naming Service

Trying to think of something both catchy and relevant to use as your domain name is not the easiest thing to do. Some people can knock twenty out an hour while others struggle to think of anything memorable. PickyDomains is a domain advice blog tool for business that has 46,000 people working for you trying to think up the perfect domain name for your business. If you like one of the options and decide to register the domain then it'll cost you just US$50 and it's all yours. Simple.     If you need a memorable and easy to pronounce domain name or slogan that perfectly ...  More Sep 18th 2011

Let the Answers Find You

If you run a news or blog site, or indeed if you run several of them, NewsCurve is likely to be something of real interest to you. Some of the guys contributing to your site might not think so but hey that’s their problem.  More

What you’ll get with this site is a real editor’s friend and what the story writers will probably consider to be an unwelcome spy in the camp. Whatever way you look at it you’ll know very quickly which of them is pulling in the readers and which ones need to sharpen their pencils. For all authors you can get seven and 30 day reports showing exactly how busy they’ve been and if their efforts are bearing fruit.   More

Newscurve Apr 13th 2011

Beautiful Dashboards for Real-Time Metrics!

Leftronic creates beautiful and powerful dashboards for your company's most important data. No matter whether you are tracking web engagement, user activity, server stats or, most importantly, sales you will be kept totally up-to-date. Leftronic is a very cool looking domain stats tool for Real-Time Metrics that gathers together allm   Leftronic's software makes it incredibly easy to deploy powerful dashboards to track the data that matters most and enables companies to monitor their key metrics in real-time! The user can aggregate a company’s metrics from numerous services like ...  More

Leftronic Oct 22nd 2011

Start Cross Browser Testing. No Local Setup. No Maintenance!

How do you easily make sure that your websites are compatible with all the big browsers. BrowserStack is a domain design tool that will test every aspect of your website's behavior and layout when running through Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera - and all the others.     BrowserStack is an online tool to test websites across all browsers for cross browser compatibility from Safari to Chrome with pre-installed debugging tools.  Firefox to Opera and everything in between. With a complete browser stack at your fingertips you’ll be sure to deliver efficient and ...  More

BrowserStack Oct 18th 2011

Find cheap used cars for sale

If you are anything like me when it comes to buying a car you get it all wrong. Usually I will have this idea in my head of the one perfect car for me and nothing will change that. Then after a week or so I come to my senses and realize there are a good twenty or so cars out there that fit into my demographics. CheapCarFinds is one of those great classified car search tools that hunts through cars for sale on Craigslist, and Autotrader to find one of those twenty or so cars that is just right for you. is a free tool that searches Craigslist, ...  More Oct 25th 2011

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