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Set up a store on your site in 5 minutes

What do you do if you want to go into online sales through your website? Well, you could hire a developer to do it for you but that costs a fair amount of money and takes a bit of time, too. My eStore App let's you set up a store on your site inside 5 minutes and have you selling stuff straight away with no transaction fees like all the other store builders.     My eStore makes online selling as easy as possible. You don’t need to have complicated codes or hire a developer and pay lots of money. You dont have to waste time trying to build one into your site. This ...  More

My eStore App Oct 24th 2011

Change the Way You Think About Analytics

Are you a bit snowed under with overview data from your websites?  It can be hard to get an overall view of the real picture when it's spread across so many pages. You are doing the right thing in analyzing your sites but it would be nice if all that relevant information could be collated onto a single page for simplicity, wouldn't it? Gauges is a domain stats tool that will change the way you think about analytics by collecting and analyzing the web traffic data for all your sites and presenting them to you on one single page making analysis much easier to understand.    ...  More

Gauges Oct 18th 2011

Discover A Better Way To Manage Your Job Posts

For any small company, or even startup, when it comes to hiring good people to help grow the business it’s often a bit of a hit and miss affair. has been developed with these types of business in mind and provides all the tools necessary to give a high level of organization to the process.  More

JobMuncher Jul 8th 2011

Mobile Websites for Restaurants

There’s no denying it, people want to do everything on their mobile phones these days. So if they’re out and about and want to check out what’s on offer on your restaurant menu you really should perhaps consider giving them easy access to it.  More has recognized the need for mobile websites and particularly for the restaurant industry. Regardless of the size of your eatery having a website that’s easy to read and navigate on a mobile device could open up a whole new customer base. The great thing about this site too is that last minute menu changes, specials of the day and promotional offers can be easily added by the user.   More

Food Face Online Jun 29th 2011

Grow business with social logins

I have to admit that I am one of the people that LoginRadius is targeting with this domain tool. There are definitely times when I just can't be bothered to go through the whole rigmarole of the sign-up process despite the possible merits of a website and decide to go elsewhere. To keep up with current internet trends LoginRadius eliminates the often lengthy registration process by letting the potential customer sign in with one all encompassing ID.     LoginRadius is a Software As A Service (SAAS) which adds social logins on a website. The fundamental idea is to eliminate ...  More

LoginRadius Oct 19th 2011

Instant Websites for Nonprofits. No Learning Required

If you are going to set up a nonprofit and donation enabled website there's absolutely no reason for it to look shabby. Organizing staff need help but don’t always have the knowledge or big budget to seek it out. Truth is, most people who start nonprofit organizations are really passionate about their mission though not so much when it comes to technology, web design or fundraising. That’s where Bellstrike comes in. They are passionate about all of that and want to help small nonprofit organizations free their time and energy to fulfill their missions. With domain design tools ...  More

Bellstrike Oct 20th 2011

Target Website Visitors with Personalized Content

Don't you love it when you get a phone call from one of those Indian call centers and the first thing you here is "G'day Mate, my name is Sanjit and I am calling you from Melbourne?"  They know I am in Australia and have taken the big leap forward in trying to personalize their initial message. It doesn't always work but it's a good first line to break the ice. Visitor.js is the online equivalent of G'day Mate. This JavaScript based domain tool allows you to customize your initial introductory message based on information gathered from the customer.     Visitor.js is a ...  More

visitor.js Oct 20th 2011

Carbonmade for Restaurants

It's daunting enough opening your own restaurant without all the other things that go along with it. The location...the staff...the food...what else is there? Ah yes.. advertising. Without doubt one of the most important decisions you are going to make is about your website. Do you go out and commission a company to handle your website design of do you take up your own valuable time doing the whole thing yourself. There is a brilliant and cost effective solution. Theme Force is a design tool that provides you with all the ammunition you need to easily put together an affordable, powerful ...  More

Theme Force Oct 19th 2011

Automatic daily website backups

Okay, so here's your scenario. How about if your beloved website was put out of action by hackers? Or maybe your wonderful web host hit the wrong button last night and deleted your site. How do you get it back up and running as fast as possible? Is it subject to regular backups. How long is it likely to be down for and, as a last resort, how long would it take to redo the who site. I'm sure I read somewhere that 60% of businesses that lose their data like that are gone in six months.'re worried now, aren't you? Don't panic! That's what Backup Machine is designed for. This domain ...  More

Backup Machine Oct 19th 2011

People Powered Yellow Pages

One definition of the word mojo is that is an often elusive quality that sets one person apart from everyone else. In the case of the aim is to set businesses apart from each other on account of a rating system based on customer reviews.  More

There are quite a few directory sites around that offer a marketing platform for local businesses and provide a rating opportunity for customers. These reviews are generally restricted to members however the mojo model goes a bit further.  More

MojoPages Jul 1st 2009

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