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Be aware of what is happening in your site, find out about it first.

It's all well and good to monitor your website performance by eye but sometimes a little deeper analysis is required if you really want to be on your game. Userlook is a web monitoring platform that enables you to see what's happening with your website right now so you can react immediately and optimize it's frontline to engage customers more readily.   Userlook provides a lot of features for real-time monitoring of your website. You can see what is happening on site right now and react fast on site events and empower your frontline to engage customers. After a quick and easy ...  More

Userlook Oct 5th 2011

Recruitment Database Management

It is unusual amongst recruitment database software to have a front and back office solution. Most just deal with placing persons seeking employment into possible positions and that's about it really. eBoss turns that around somewhat by providing a total management of clients, candidates as well as jobs...and all from the safety of your web browser.   eBoss is a business domain tool that provides recruitment databases and optional interactive websites. It is a front and back office online recruitment software management solution and provides total management of clients, candidates and ...  More

eBoss Recruitment Software Oct 5th 2011

Check stats for Domain and Keywords

One of the more complex pieces of information when analyzing yours or your competitor's website is understanding the keywords by which it is located through Google search. Webstatedomain is a free online domain seo stats tool that collects and analyzes domains and the keywords for which those domains were optimized.   Webstatsdomain collects detailed information about keywords by which sites are located in search results. However, it's not just your information you are seeking. It also notes the  keywords and plenty of other statistics from your potential rivals and similar sites ...  More

Webstatsdomain Sep 26th 2011

Mobilizing the World's Content

Figures released recently suggest the future of personal computing will be more to do with the mobile versions rather than the home computer. They sell more tablets these days than they do laptops. And mobiles have gone through the roof. So it makes real sense these days to have a mobile version of your regular website. Moably is a domain design tool for your blog or mobile that enables you to create a mobile version of your website and blog. And you can do it for free. That's right, it's free and with no monthly charges either.   Moably is a mobile website builder that let's the user ...  More

Moably Oct 3rd 2011

One click website backup solution.

If you are a small business SnatchCode is a simple solution to any backup problems you may have with your website. With just one click you can forget about high priced services and complicated software with this handy domain storage tool for as little as US$7 per month for most businesses. With SnatchCode a person has to just provide his FTP details and click the “Backup Now” button in his SnatchCode dashboard and that’s it! The system will automatically fetch the users website backup and make it available for download in his SnatchCode dashboard.   SnatchCode is a ...  More

SnatchCode Oct 1st 2011

Crowdsource logo designs, web designs, sounds & more. Innovative contests

If you've asked for a quote from a High Street design company for your company logo and design campaign you will probably have been taken aback by the price.  DesignInARK is a business domain design tool that can meet all your design needs at a cost effective price by using talented freelancers who are skilled in web design. DesignInARK also holds regular design contests.   If you need a logo, stationery design, packaging or product design or even a name for your new business, DesignInARK's network of designers and writers are there to turn your concept into an array of ...  More

DesignInARK Sep 30th 2011

Your website early warning system

If your website goes down or starts giving it's visitors problems then the amount of goodwill, not to mention turnover, you may lose is virtually unquantifiable. It would be useful if you could have an early warning system set up to tell you that may be having problems so you could react to it before it causes real problems. Erlywarn is that early warning system. It will notify you before your site goes down or even when it begins to behave erratically.   Erywarn is a domain tool that uses website uptime monitoring with an aim to notify you before your site goes down when it starts ...  More

Erlywarn Sep 29th 2011

Connect with web savvy people and work better on the web.

There’s not a whole heap of stuff to review about this site but that’s not to say it isn’t a useful addition to the gang of web developer dating agencies putting likeminded techno kids together.   More

It’s free to use so we’re off to a great start. Anyone struggling with a start-up can post a request to the site for anything from a developer or programmer to marketing guys and potential investors. If it’s just advice you want then you can request that too.   More

eBackers Jan 17th 2011

Make your website more popular than ever.

There are a lot of website analysis tools around and most have hidden data gathering mechanisms to work out where you are going right and wrong. But sometimes the best thing to do when you are trying to get feedback from your customers is to ask them. Naventa is a domain feedback tool that literally puts a big button or text link on your website page that says HOW CAN WE IMPROVE? You can't get much simpler than that.   Naventa encourages more users to become promoters of the website by asking them what they want from the site. This gives you valuable information on improving your ...  More

Naventa - The voice of your user Sep 15th 2011

Spur - A fun and easy way to critique your web pages.

No, it's not the official Tottenham Hotspur too I'm afraid though it does work with the speed and efficiently of a rampaging Gareth Bale. While theres no shortage of classic designers out there there is certainly a dirth of good design tools to help you apply them on the web. Spur is a design and feedback share tool that's not only fun and simple to use but also manages to do a bit of analysis on your website too.   Spur is designed to critique a web design to optimize it to see what works and what doesn't. Just feed in your URL or upload an image if that's more convenient. Spur sets ...  More

Spur Sep 14th 2011

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